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Welcome to Bad Breath Halitosis
Friday, September 19 2014 @ 07:52 PM MDT

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a somali guy 25 year old

My Storyi have bad breath more than i remember .just 10 YEARS OR MORE
first time i have had gum disease my , gum bleeded all the time when i wanted to brush , and even also when i sleep in the morning i woke up with full blood of my teeth and mouth dry bleed :

in my city somalia i went to a syrian dentist and he gave me amoxycilling but did not work .
at that time i have no big problem with the bad breath because , it was only sometimes when i close to someone and face to face .

i came europe 2009 now i live in france but my situation is more worse than africa.

i went many doctors some of them said , go to dentist and dentst said my gum and teeth is ok.
one doctor told me to wash my nose with salt water but still did not work .
i have used for toothpast hydrogen paroxide + soda+salt you can imagine how this is problem , i have also used scraper cant imagine how hard i use it .
cuted down dairy meet, and every thing i have see here in online .
my mouth no more bleed in the night and during brush , and i can not smell my odor like before ,but now i feel it worse for the people why?

in my country no one could detect me my odor expect when i speak .
but here in france when i walk more 50 meter people are coughing ore yowning or sneezing or rupping their nose .
i was an intelegent boy i have learnt in my country , german , italic , arabic, english the teachers loved me because i always was first place in the exam , not bad looking face i was an body bilder , i was good player for football, i have never think one day to do discrimination or spread hate always show the people how i respect them and their humanity , but my result became something i dont deserve hhhh.
now i even forgeting my mother language , and you can see how much is poor my english .
my weight became 55 kg because i cuted down proteins even i know i m going worst.

this week i think positive to live normal , and enjoy my foods i have eat meat , and drink milk ,sugar every thing i swear hh , and went out .
oh what nobody detect me or rup his nose .
than i thank god , some friend starts to close me and talk face to face . but i understood something that i cant cure and its , my bb is coming from my brain ;
that means when i remember that i have bad breath all the people are coughing one time , when i feel without confidence then its more worst , when i feel fear for bad breath then its more worst .
oh my god , i believe in you but guys remember bad things happened to the good people , i love you all , and please help me if you have some advice ,

oh i have forget u something , a girl who lives in finland , loved me a hard love because she know me in facebook after one year for chatting she said please marry me i cant wait to come to you , i saw ur videos , and fotos she also knows my family because we are from same city .
i maried her .
she came to me in france after one month to , take with me golden week , that time i was very handsome , but she could not live with me with this problem , she has return to her country and asked with crying to divorce , i have allowed her and forgive
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Hello from the uk :-)

DiariesHi everybody am 38 year old male from north west uk .i have suffered from bad breath from an early age from which the doctor told my mum they just don't know what causes bad breath :-( . I used to be so outgoing friendly and loved life but as av got older and lost all my friends I have become lonely and depressed am not a bad looking lad and always done well with the ladies but now I just dnt give anybody a chance to get near me and this is killing me :-( I hate my lonely life so much I miss cuddling and kissing such simple things taken away from me . I have had my tonsils removed due to tonsil stones and for maybe 4 months after that my breath was ok but now it's back to a horrible stench . My dentist says my gums are in good condition and my teeth I have had X-rays all along my gums and all is fine . But it isn't if I touch my gum above my 2 front teeth a yellow coloured puss comes out that smells exactly the same as a tonsil stone :-(.my tongue is always a whitey yellow colour and I get a foul taste and sum times when I floss if I press a bit to hard and my gum bleeds the blood stinks . Something is building up somewhere in my mouth and forcing his puss out of my gums . I think we have a deficiency of some sort our body is lacking a certain something to fight this bacteria causing all our problems. Anyway please dnt just read this post and move along . PLEASE SAY HELLO AND REPLY TO MY THOUGHTS
also there is an app available called KIK I just thought with so many of us being so lonely we could all add each other and chat away when feeling down or just want a chat .
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Bad Breath from coated tongue

My StoryAfter suffering from bad breath for over five years I was desperate to find a cure to this problem. I always noticed i had a white coated tongue , also have post nasal drip and allergies no matter what antibiotic or mouthwash , i still had bad breath. Matter fact mouthwashes made it worst and tongue scrapers didnt help no matter how hard i scraped. But one day i had this wild idea of scraping my tongue with a razor to reduces the length of the papillae knowing well that a shorter papillae wont trap much food and bacteria to cause bad breath. After a week of trying this desperate act my halitosis has been reduced by 80%. I know it will take close to a month to get it totally go away. If tongue scrapers and mouth washes havent helped try the razor. Just the regular stick single razor for shaving. Though it is unlikely to cut your tongue while scraping, still be careful. I hope this help with those with bad breath from back of tongue and the tongue it self. Ever wonder why many people have allergies and PND but no bad breath. It is because they have smooth pink tongue. As you keep doing this every night before bed or morning which ever way u want , you tongue will turn pink and u will feel more silva on your tongue and less stickiness. I read this could damage taste buds but i still taste food better than before and have have conversation right after eating without worrying about my breath. Havent had many reactions to my breath like before. Still have bad days every now and then but only when i have been eating and snacking without cleaning. Good luck people. Couldnt keep this to myself but share.
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Los Angeles, CA

DiariesAnyone from Los Angeles area free to meet ? We can support eachother through tough times

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How i improved my serious chronic bad breath

My StoryHello everyone, this my first post ever. I'm just going to get right to the point. I have foul breath and I have had it for as long as I can remember. Recently about a year ago, it was getting stronger and I started to notice it more. I started getting really bad anxiety and so I couldn't live my life anymore. I shut everyone out, I quit my job. I couldn't go out, even to the grocery store because I would get anxious knowing that my breath smelled very foul. You could smell my breath from 10 ft away. People made fun of me all the time. They covered their noses and of course backed away from me. Boyfriend broke up with me.

I tried everything, theta breath, grapefruit seed extract, zinc, chlorophyll , detoxes, acid reflux medicine, h.p medicine, sea salt, nettle tea, blisk12, probiotics, nothing was working

After 22 years of bad breath, my breath is not foul. My breath has been okay for a whole week now. I'm not positive that I have the cure and that my breath is fresh but I know it is at least OKAY. And honestly I'm extremely happy that it's at least okay now. It has only been a week so I will keep updating.

BREAKTHROUGH: I STOPPED EATING ALL TYPES OF MEAT, beans, fish, DAIRY, and anything that I felt would make my breath smell bad.

Also, make sure you poop everyday, if you don't, eat more fiber or take fiber pills like I do.

Lately I've been eating rice noodles, vegetables . It's hard because I love junk food BUT TRUST ME, it's worth giving up to live a somewhat normal life. PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY. After 3-5 days of eating this way and sticking to a strict diet, you will see results. You CANNOT cheat.

I lick the back of my wrist to smell now and I don't smell anything. When I was eating meat, my breath smelled sour. Also my brother said sometimes my breath smelled like fart. But now he says he doesn't smell anything.

Good luck everyone. Please give this a try for at least a week .
It'll be worth it

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What seems to have worked after 20 years

My StoryThis will be briefed

Diagnosed and treated for h pylori. H pylori gone but BB stayed. White cell count low like most people.

I've tried everything that everyone else here has. Zinc, Thera breath etc. Nothing worked.

Finally, I started keeping a journal. Noted everything I did and are and wether I got a reaction. Also, asked someone I trusted to smell breath periodically and let me know when they smelt something.

Between the journal and trying different things and the smell tests it realized that ginger tea helped a lot. Further investigation and analysis let me to this.

The bb was causes by post nasal drip (post nasal drip causes by allergies). Nose gets inflamed and mucus drips to the back of the throat. Bacteria react with the mucus and cause a bad smell. Solution was to avoid things that caused an allergic reaction and do things that help reduce mucus in the body. Lower the mucus production in the body by avoid triggers and taking proactive things to reduce it and bb goes down and tongue coating disappears. The tongue coating is just mucus being digested by bacteria. That's why you can get a tongue coating when you haven't even eaten. And that's why the tongue coating gets worse after eating. You are eating foods that cause your body to produce more mucus (milk, soy milk, processed foods). Look up "foods that cause mucus" and "mucus free diet. Follow the diet and the mucus will go down.

Now ginger helps your body digest better and reduces mucus production. Organic apply cider vinegar helps with mucus as well. Get a saline nasal spray and clear your sinuses when u are on the go. Netipot in morning and evening. Yes I know you know to do all these things but they didn't work. That's because you have to do ALL THESE THINGS. focus on lowering mucus production. Anything that causes more mucus you avoid. The mucus is the root cause. That's why netipot by itself helps. Or vitamin c by itself helps. Or not eating sugar or milk helps. We have all done tons of research and know what helps! But the thing is you have to do all the things that attack mucus. U can feel it in your throat and dripping down from your nose. It's falling right on the back of your tongues then sliming down.

One note. I tried Swanson blis k12. It made my tongue completely free of white but I still go reactions. I looked at the ingredients and it has milk compounds in it and milk causes mucus! I stopped taking it and all the probiotics I had and mucus reduces. Now I eat fresh foods, drink ginger tea, avoid all mucus forming foods, netipot and saline spray when I am on the go and things have improved a lot. I'm not ready to say cured yet :) will wait a bit but wanted to get this message out in case it helps someone.

So long story short is research mucus forming foods and avoid them. Then take steps things that reduce mucus. Make sure it's natural. Don't bother with mucinex and the likes. Worked for me 5 years ago but it stops being effective after a week. Focus on diet and natural solutions to attach mucus production in your body and get someone you trust to smell you and confirm (that goes a long way). And journal too. It helps you to see patterns for you own condition

Sorry for bad grammar and rambling. I'm in a rush but made myself come here in case it helped someone. Don't give up hope and keep praying to Jesus :)
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Three easy steps

My StoryThis is story of someone I know, he had bad breath for more than 15 years, and this how he got rid of it.

1 - deep cleaning: you need to go to dentist and ask for deep cleaning by name

2 - brushing: people with bad breath brush but they do not brush the correct way. the following is the youtube showing the correct way of brushing. brush this way every day for at least 10 min
3 - Water: always carry a bottle of water with you and drink continuously

if you follow these 3 steps your BB will go for ever
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Singapore meet up

DiariesHi All - is there anyone based in Singapore? I have just moved there and would be keen to meet..
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Sht nose

My StoryI have always seemed to have bad breath since a young age and now I'm currently 17 bout to turn 18 and the smell comes out of my sinus passages aswell..I feel like I have tried everything..I've been to an ent and was prescribed many different types of antibiotics and steroids with no solution..I've also tried the nasal wash with baking soda and sea salt mixed with other things with no solution..i also feel like I have ibs and went to a gastro doc but all she sed was that I had halitosis and didn't help at all.. All of my doctors say they don't smell anything or say " it's all
In ur head". It makes me wonder if there is no cure?? I know the smell is there by people's reactions..they either make weird hard breathing noises or touch there nose constantly..would could be causing this feces smell out of my nose.. I'm also in high school and thank god this is my last year..my problem started end of junior year..I'm basically a stink bomb in every class I sit in just by breathing.. I'm a handsome kid that tends to avoid people now..I feel bad when I know a girl likes me but all I do is ignore..I've heard people say it smells like poop or rotting foods..Im currently changing my diet and taking tons of digestive enzymes and different types of probiotics ATM..chlorophyll and activated charcoal didn't seem to help..I also think i suffer from acid reflux..which my ent said could be the source of my problem..i feel like I have surpassed my emotions to the point where Idc what people think or say anymore.. Which has helped me..I also have a job in the fast food and work in the grill so I'm pretty sure they couldn't fire me because i stink? I've been searching and reading peoples comments about similar problems and sed they had thoughts of committing suicide? Which made me think..the only thing that has really kept me going is god and the sport I love which is soccer..without it idk what god has it plan for me or the rest of my life...so staying prayed up and soccer seems like the only things I have left..for my cure
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Life should smell good and not stink!!

My Storyhi. Im a female who is 17. I have been struggling with halitosis since I was 13. I have bad odors coming from out my nose and mouth.It smells like rotten food or what kids say- a** and farts.

It's hard to be a high school student and have kids spread mean rumors about you. I brush my teeth and floss twice a day. I stopped using mouthwashes and started to use baking soda and peroixide to rinse my mouth - which has little affect. I don't know why people can be so cruel. I don't have allergies or post nasal drip but, i do suffer from dry mouth. I am fatigued alot and very often I get depressed from non-social activity.

I tried cleaning my nose with an nasal spray called Afrin for three day. Guess what? It didn't work at all!!! So i know I dont have nasal drip. I do have a white fuzz on my tongue. when I'm in class , I have my mouth closed and breath through my nose. Kids would ignorantly joke and say that it smells like old cheese and a fart. The awful smell would consume the whole room. Also, I play sports and the girls talk behind my back and say I stink. I am very attractive but once the guys get a whiff of the stinch around me they back off. :(

I went to the doctor a few days ago and they said nothing was wrong with me. I went to the dentist a month ago and they said the same thing. Its soooo hard to function on the daily bases except when im at home. I just recently researched someone saying that their bad breath was cured by using grapefruit extract.Im going to try and buy the product today and hope it works. I know its a lot of writting but I need HELP!!!


Bad Breath Halitosis. Is a great website and i give you a warm welcome.


Now most of us have halitosis (Chronic Problem), although some have a acute problem.

Now you maybe Wondering? Has anyone been cured??

The Answer is YES.

Very few members on this board have been cured.

I will go through them later. Right now i will go through the cuases to save your time searching the board.


-Dry mouth, insufficient saliva flow.
-PND, well what i think is a "contributer" is bassiccaly access mucus
-Lactose Intolerance, The lack of "lactose" enzymes to digest lactose, which is a sugar found in milk.
-Bad Hygiene
-White coated tongue, a possible link to other causes.
-Acid Reflux, often heartburn is a symptom. Got to get it checked.
-Gum Disease, few of us have this.
-Candida, A fungus infection.


-Toxic body, cured by doing body flushes.
-Stress, Many of us encounter this in our lives and we think its a contributor.

Possible CURES.

This is the part your waiting for, eh?

Basically many people have come up with some crazy things, in the past. Only a few of them help. None really are the "cure"


So have you ever suffered Tonsil Problems???? Tonsil stones? Or Tonsilithis?

Maybe its time to remove those nasty things..

If your tonsils are the problem then You can say.. Theirs a HIGH CHANCE that you maybe cured...

Reports on how much this operations has helped is pretty large.

Although the price is very High.

Make sure your tonsils are THE PROBLEM before you go ahead with it.

Diet Change..


The thing you dont want to change. This is an extremely effective way of helping your bad breath..

Some, could say it is the "cure" but a extreme change....

So what do you have to do? You maybe thinking?

Well you will have to cut down extremely Foods HIGH in Protein and choline. This will starve the Bad Breath bacteria as they live on protien, like we live on food

Bassiccaly... It's Becoming a Veggie.... Very Happy d'oh! d'oh!

While your at it i reccomend you try a full body Detox Plan!

Yogurt, kefir. i.e PROBIOTICS.

This has been used the most from all users...

Bassiccally the logic behind this is if we plunge in a million bacteria against the bad bacteria they will fight


Like WWIII, Inside your mouth and believe me IT WORKS.
Many of us prefer a shot of it e.g PROBIOTIC DRINK. e.g

DanActive Light

With The liquid you can gargle and swish so it reaches everywere

Nasal Irrigation

This is a great way to flush away that mucous Dancing

This will help incredibly IF you suffer from PND.(POST NASAL DRIP)


1)Fill up 500 ml of LukeWarm Water.
2)Put 1 Teaspoon into the water.
3)Make sure its has a nozzle end. Then pour into nose, your head should be looking at 90 Degrees, do this for both nostrils.

Thats that.

The Tung Brush

This beautiful masterpiece was sent from the gods!!!! Partner this with VITAMIN C (Look Below) could form a possible cure.

This handy tool is easy to find in US. But may have to find it online for UK ( Just Google it.)

Vitiman c

This little vitamin will kill bad breath in high doses. Although many have reported the effect to have run out.... REMEMBER IT MUST BE SUGARLESS!!!!!!!
Some people have been cured with this combo:
Vit C + TungBRUSH + Yogurt. Interesting eh?

We have been told by many members that they have recieved the best effect from "GNC sugarless chewable Vit C cherry flavored"

Make sure take HIGH DOSES
Razz Razz Razz

These are the top 3

Now Remember!!!!



Now that you have read this i think this SUMS up pretty much the best this site has come up with.

I am relatively new so.. if anyone thinks of anything to add PM me.



THANK YOU AND WELCOME!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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