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Welcome to Bad Breath Halitosis
Wednesday, May 27 2015 @ 01:35 AM MDT

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What Cured My Halitosis/Bad Breath

My StoryI know how most of you are suffering and I want to share my story because I believe it may contain the answer for many of you.

I had braces in my mid twenties and once they came off in 2005, I started having bad breath, PND, white tongue and discovered that I had tonsil stones. I saw my ENT and he said the only way to resolve this problem was a tonsillectomy. I had the operation performed within weeks of finding out and went through the 10 days of excruciating pain, which is what it takes to recover from this surgery as an adult. A month or so after the surgery the tonsil stones were gone, but my wife told me that the halitosis was still there. I was devastated. I went back to the ENT but he had no answers. Since then, I've tried everything from diet, Therabreath, nasal sprays, nasal steroids, H. Pylori test is clear, tongue scrapers, mouth washes, multiple ENTs, you name it and I've done it. Needless to say, it was hard to live like this. I had almost accepted that I would have halitosis for life, but I'm not the type to give up so in 2014, with a renewed fervor to find myself a cure to this miserable state, I finally did. It is the *censored*ing "Adenoids". In 2005, I had even asked my original ENT if I should have them out and he said no. He had said they shrink down to almost nothing as an adult and he didn't see any inflammation in them. It's complete bullshit and he was dead wrong. The inflammation and tonsil stone smelling, nasty bacteria infested tissue is under the adenoids. They are a type of tonsil too (pharyngeal tonsils) and have their own tiny tonsil stones that are undetectable without a CT and have no clinical symptoms. I found another new ENT and he was willing to remove them for me. The surgery and recovery was painless. After the surgery, my cauterized adenoids crusted off and my bad breath was gone, just like that. Bottom line, if you have halitosis and any kind of tonsil stones, insist on getting your tonsils and adenoids removed. If your ENT won't do it, then tell him to *censored* off and find one that will. It saved my life!

If you want to talk or have a question for me, feel free to reach out.

Here are the links that pointed me in the direction of my cure. But the decision to have the 2nd surgery was mine alone and done on faith because I had a sense that the smell, white tongue, and PND were coming from the adenoid region.


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Other Helicobacter bugs

DiariesHi guys
I posted not long ago saying id had improvement with magnesium. I haven't been keeping it up as much so I am not seeing fantastic results. Something else I have noticed is a very white fury tounge recently which I didn't have before, some burning on the tip aswel. I have been to the docs about oral thrush and he said no it's acid reflux. Put me on tablets for it, which haven't really helped. I feel like it's getting worse. I still question a candida overgrowth, not infection in it's yeast for but in it's more advanced fungi form. I can't seem to get a doctor to agree It wouldn't be blatantly obvious though!

I want to talk about stomach bugs that are known to cause bad breath. It's widely known that Helicobacter plori causes it but did anyone know there were different species of this? I have tested negative for this numerous times, but they only seem to test for the most common type - H.Plori. I had an endoscopy not long ago and everything looked normal apart from stomach inflammation - Gastritus. He did a biopsy for H.Plori as that's the main reason for Gastritus but it was negative. He seemed confused by ithe result. I have been reading medical studies suggesting that other species of this stomoch bug H.felis and H.hellumi (spelt wrong) have been found in humans and responds well to treatment. What is bothering me is I can't find any labs online that test for these specialised bugs! Another worrying thing about one particular species was if it was only treated with anti biotics and PPIs, there was studies suggesting the bug came back cancerous. So appropriate treatment is required.

Any views on this?
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Deficiencies and allergies

ResearchOk so I have read quite a few of the stories on here and so many mirror myself. It seemed to start around the age off 11-12. I'm so sick of this ruining my life that I'm now on an absolute mission to find the cure and when I do I'm Gona help as many people as I can!! I think I may have had a breakthrough! But I could be getting falsely excited like so many other times.
Only time will tell with this.

For anyone thinking get their tonsils removed will help it doesn't, in my experience it makes it worse! My thinking on this is that your tonsils are not the problem, they are trying their best to help the REAL problem, which is a bacterial or fungal overgrowth. They filter out bad Bactria entering the mouth and setting up home there, they draw bacteria in to help your mouth and throat but with overgrowths they get overworked and the bacteria gets trapped and you end up with calcified stones. (Is this also how kidney stones work?)

The root cause of the overgrowth of bacteria is what I suspect we all need to figure out before we can be cured. I do believe this is possible.

I have always suffered with allergies and I get hayfever pretty bad, this lead me to think maybe I'm more allergic to other things than I knew. I looked at some YouTube videos on how to carry out skin prick tests on yourself (checking how your blood reacts to certain things) I tried this out for food allergies and tested every fruit and veg I could find, turns out I get an allergic reaction to pretty much anything with fructose in it! Some reactions were more mild, others more severe, I also am now thinking I'm lactose intolerant too as I get bad diaraih Everytime I drink milk, and the two come hand in hand. These both can cause bb.

Cutting out milk and fructose though didn't have the magical effect I imagined. So although I believe I have these food issues I think it's only part of the puzzle.

I like many others on here convince myself I have a Candida overgrowth, I sent off for a stool analysis and a mouth swab and I am waiting for the results for that.

Now I have been trying out a lot of vitamins recently and not really had much effect on the ones I've been using which are B12 plus other Bs , Vit C and E. Until I came across magnesium! I have a close relation who seems to suffer from the same problem and they have been taking magnesium for the last few months do other reasons but they are absolutely bb free!! Now obviously this could be unrelated but I know of no other change in their life style other than adding this 1 vitamin daily. I went out and bought myself some just last night and today I am sure there is a difference!! I've taken doses last night and this morning both to the 100% RDA of each day. Not only do I have much much fresher breath but the taste is my mouth has completely altered. It's very hard to describe but it's sort of a sweet taste, water tastes sweet and a sandwhich I ate tasted sweeter, but not in a nasty way just a different way. plus I have noticed a big change in saliva production (something I have always suspected as the root cause - lacking in normal amount and in sonething antibacterial) my dry mouth seems to be improving and I have a much wetter tounge!

Now I know that the person who has been taking the vit has been taking it for sometime and only recently have I noticed a 100% improvement. The fresh as a babies type im after (Possibly a better and better type of cure) Could this deficiency be heredity and could it cause allergies? This leads me to believe that maybe I have a mag/calcium imbalance as I have read it can take a couple of months of mag supplements to see full effects as it's about rebalancing the whole body's magnesium levels. Now if u delve a little deeper the mag/calcium/potassium and zinc minerals all become quite complicated to understand and they sort of role into 1 another but what I have read numerous times is that the ratio to calcium and magnisium has to be correct. Mag more than Cal. This made me think about tonsil stones, don't they say that has something to do with calcium? Cal overload in the mouth perhaps? Could this inturn somehow cause bb?? Or maybe just a lack of mag in saliva gives off a less of a disinfectant property. Maybe both. All I know is after 1 day I have seen improvement, and saliva changes. I'm not there yet but I'm hoping this is the answer.

Any thoughts on this agreeing or disagreeing will help
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Anyone agree? Any insight or advice about my condition?

My StoryHistory: Had BB at a young age. Remember ppl telling me in Elementary. Doctor as a kid told me I should get my tonsils out but not really necessary. I was too afraid as a child so we never did it.

Fast Forward: Start having more Bad breath problems around 18 when I talk. Still remember being able to sit next to ppl and talk to girls without any reaction. Then around 20-22 I started getting more and more reactions. Around 23 I started getting reactions even when my mouth was closed. Reactions were worse when I worked out or sweated.

Treatment history: I've always brushed everyday and around 18 when I got reactions I started brushing 2 sometimes 4 times a day. Dentist says my teeth and gums are perfect even today (nice smile and all). But white tongue.

I tried every product you can think of, even tried oil pulling and other crazy shit. None worked.

Thought it was an old cap I had causing smell so I took it out 2 years ago. Still no help at all.

Then I read something saying to get my wisdom teeth out. Took them out 3 months ago. No help at all.

Then not until weeks ago I remembered what my doctor told me as a child. But I never even knew what "tonsils" were. So I looked it up then used my phone's flashlight to look at mine for the first time ever!

And to my surprise, they were normal size (which was why no doctor ever said anything was wrong) but they were white. So I got a cue-tip, wet it, and poked both tonsils. And when I smelled it, the smell was soo bad! Smelled like literal dog shit.

More info about my breath I couldn't ever smell it myself. But since I've been poking my tonsils everyday, even 15 minutes after brushing, my teeth, gums and mouth would feel clean but the tonsils when poked would make my finger smell like shit!

I've bought some health insurance and will get tonsillectomy in January.

Has anyone experienced the same situation and got cured? Do you think I'll get cured ? Thanks
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Halitosis - Food & Sex

My StoryHello friends, I'm male, 30. I have been suffering from bad breath for the past 15 years. Recently I could successfully minimize the foul smell. I found that following are the main reasons of high BB. 1. Junk food/non-veg/nuts/sweet/oil-rich food 2. Over Ejaculation/Sex/Masturbation Reason #1 - Bad food Whenever I have junk food like burger, bread, bakery items, sweets, egg, meat or oil-rich food, nuts etc my bad breath (through mouth and nose) is found to shoot-up. For the past 1 month, I have stopped taking such food, and my BB has come down rapidly. Reason #2 - Sex Whenever I ejaculate more than twice or thrice in 3 days, my bad breath is increasing. (The reason is, post-sex my mouth becomes dry and nose will be filled with stuffs). I am not a sex maniac, but sex is the only stress-buster these days. I am trying to control it. I am on a mission to be sex-free for the next 30 days, till Christmas. I will keep you posted with my research. Need your encouragement! :-)
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How long does it take for diet changes to take effect?

DiariesHi All - we've seen some good results of diet changes helping people. Can we share what changes people have made & how long they have taken to make a difference (or whether they haven't made a difference)..

I have been on a (kind of) macro diet (no processed foods/sugar/red meat/dairy) for a week with no improvement so far...going to add in gluten free next week too
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My StoryHi guys,

I've been looking at the site for quite a while, and just decided to make an account. Here's my story, which I'm sure a lot of you can relate to. I've tried to fit in everything that might be relevant.

I'm not sure when my BB began tbh, the first time I ever remember being told I had BB was when I was 4 or 5 by a girl at school. I remember her comments of "your breath stinks" every now and again but for all I know that could have been due to food!

Aged 7 I had an extremely bad case of tonsillitis, along with dehydration which hospitalised me for 3 days. I don't know if I did before this, but I now have very cryptic tonsils although they aren't that large.

I was first conscious of my BB aged 11 or 12 (when I started secondary/high school) and what started out as a funny taste in my mouth soon turned into not wanting to be in a public place unless I had gum in my mouth. I have no memory of being told I had BB during my time at secondary school, but it was always something I was conscious of. Throughout my childhood I think I had one or two tonsil stones, which I didn't take much notice of - I only found them because they must have fallen into my mouth.

Fast forward 4 years, I'm now 21 and what I thought was a manageable condition seems to be getting on top of me especially in the last few weeks. Up until a few weeks ago I was happy in the "knowledge" that as long as I had gum in my mouth and a bottle of water in my hand then nobody would ever know. Unfortunately, I was wrong..

I'm not sure exactly what happened, it all seems a bit of a blur, but I came home one day and asked my mum outright "do I have bad breath?" to which she replied "not that I've ever noticed, come here and breathe on me" I did, and she told me she still couldn't smell anything. Throughout that evening I asked her several more times, even after eating, and every time she said no! She is not the type of parent to lie, she would just tell me to my face.

Anyway, that night I text my best friend and asked her if she'd ever noticed that I smell at all. She said "No, I'm the one that usually smells! You work in an office, and don't even sweat.. Why would you smell!?" About a week later when I saw her next I outright asked her if my breath smelt bad, again she replied no and asked me to come closer to breath on her face - I did have gum in my mouth at the time but she said she still couldn't smell anything! Feeling more confident, I stayed over at her house that night brushed my teeth in the morning etc. She then drove me home and I could tell my breath wasn't great - she made a passing comment after I said goodbye that "you're not smelling that fresh", obviously this stuck in my mind.

At this point I'd been dating a guy I met for about 4 weeks, we'd kissed before because I thought my BB was manageable (I kind of hoped I had halitophobia). One friday after id been for a few drinks after work I met him to go for dinner, gum in mouth of course. We met, he kissed me on the cheek, and we started walking to the restaurant. I was a little tipsy at this point so I don't remember the exact version of events clearly but he said something along the lines of "Oh look, these were two for one.. do you want one!?" Holding two packs of gum in his hand. I've never seen gum on offer anywhere -_-

I told him I had my own and put ANOTHER one in my mouth. Anyway we went for dinner etc, he gave me a kiss and walked me to the train station.

Now, he has been absolutely fine with me since then - asked to see me again a lot but I now keep making excuses! I don't want to subject someone to my BB!

After the weekend I told two friends at work what had happened and again they said NO I have NEVER noticed that you have BB at all. Okay, I know people lie all the time - but what I have also noticed now is a stronger smell in the back of my throat. I get a very dry mouth, and constantly have a bottle of water with me. Before, chewing gum would hide the taste and smell, or so I thought, but now I'll but 1,2,3,4,5,6 pieces of gum in at once and I can still taste the accumulation of phlegm in my throat! It's thick and clear, and when I spit it out it has no odor but I KNOW it has an odor at the back of my throat.

Anyway, last week I went to the theatre with my mum who I suspect has the same problems that I do because her breath smells how I imagine mine does. She doesn't seem to care, even though I've told her! I always offer her gum and sometimes she just says no. So, we were at the theatre, and I could smell her breath and thought oh God that girl next to my mum must be able to smell her too! And the man next to me must be able to smell me! I had to get out, I lied to my mum and told her I felt unwell so we went home. On the tube home I knew her breath was really bad, although she seemed oblivious (even though I told her and kept trying to give her gum) The woman next to her actually put her head in her hands!!

Now, I've noticed that people cover their noses or touch their faces and look at me when I sit next to them :| I'll sit there putting more and more gum in my mouth knowing that it isn't helping in the slightest.

I've just booked the week off work, because it's gotten to the point where I feel like I'll have a panic attack on the tube.

Next Friday I'm having my tonsils out, though, after reading the posts on here I don't expect this to help. And on Tuesday I started the candida diet - not noticed any die off yet.

Over the last few months I've tried:

the Oral B oral irrigator,
a neti pot with sea salt and baking soda,
6 Chinese Chlorella tablets a day (500mg)
2 Acidophilus with pectin (3 billion active cultures) talets a day
1 zinc & vit C tablet a day (the ones that dissolve in water)
3 Calcium and Vit D tablets a day
Cutting out all dairy products
Eating more green leafy veg.

I've had the following test results :

All hormone levels fine
Iron deficiency (been tested since and this is now fine)
Allergy test (blood test) fine
No vitamin deficiencies.

I'm going to the doctor today to give a stool sample to be tested for H. Pylori - my dad also used to have this - but I don't think this can be the reason because if I burp it doesn't smell! It's the build up of mucous which causes the smell even if I don't open my mouth. People on the train smell it when I'm breathing through my nose! Doctor has also prescribed me drugs for Silent reflux (LPR) which I'll pick up today when I give them a stool sample.

Lastly, I have the following other issues:

Bloating when eating, particularly carbs
BO that wont go away even when I wash
Excessive sweating
EXTREMELY heavy periods

I would like to add that I went to the dentist a week ago, who said that my teeth are perfect. I have no fillings, never had braces either. But I have scheduled a "deep clean" in two days time, although I know the smell does not come from my mouth.

I have an amazing job, good friends, good parents, someone who seems to want to date me even though my mouth smells like a sewer! But, this is getting worse and worse, I can't manage it anymore and I really feel that this will RUIN my life.

Sorry that this was such a long story - I just need to get all of this off my chest :(

If anyone has ANY suggestions I'll be willing to try ANYTHING!

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a somali guy 25 year old

My Storyi have bad breath more than i remember .just 10 YEARS OR MORE
first time i have had gum disease my , gum bleeded all the time when i wanted to brush , and even also when i sleep in the morning i woke up with full blood of my teeth and mouth dry bleed :

in my city somalia i went to a syrian dentist and he gave me amoxycilling but did not work .
at that time i have no big problem with the bad breath because , it was only sometimes when i close to someone and face to face .

i came europe 2009 now i live in france but my situation is more worse than africa.

i went many doctors some of them said , go to dentist and dentst said my gum and teeth is ok.
one doctor told me to wash my nose with salt water but still did not work .
i have used for toothpast hydrogen paroxide + soda+salt you can imagine how this is problem , i have also used scraper cant imagine how hard i use it .
cuted down dairy meet, and every thing i have see here in online .
my mouth no more bleed in the night and during brush , and i can not smell my odor like before ,but now i feel it worse for the people why?

in my country no one could detect me my odor expect when i speak .
but here in france when i walk more 50 meter people are coughing ore yowning or sneezing or rupping their nose .
i was an intelegent boy i have learnt in my country , german , italic , arabic, english the teachers loved me because i always was first place in the exam , not bad looking face i was an body bilder , i was good player for football, i have never think one day to do discrimination or spread hate always show the people how i respect them and their humanity , but my result became something i dont deserve hhhh.
now i even forgeting my mother language , and you can see how much is poor my english .
my weight became 55 kg because i cuted down proteins even i know i m going worst.

this week i think positive to live normal , and enjoy my foods i have eat meat , and drink milk ,sugar every thing i swear hh , and went out .
oh what nobody detect me or rup his nose .
than i thank god , some friend starts to close me and talk face to face . but i understood something that i cant cure and its , my bb is coming from my brain ;
that means when i remember that i have bad breath all the people are coughing one time , when i feel without confidence then its more worst , when i feel fear for bad breath then its more worst .
oh my god , i believe in you but guys remember bad things happened to the good people , i love you all , and please help me if you have some advice ,

oh i have forget u something , a girl who lives in finland , loved me a hard love because she know me in facebook after one year for chatting she said please marry me i cant wait to come to you , i saw ur videos , and fotos she also knows my family because we are from same city .
i maried her .
she came to me in france after one month to , take with me golden week , that time i was very handsome , but she could not live with me with this problem , she has return to her country and asked with crying to divorce , i have allowed her and forgive
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Hello from the uk :-)

DiariesHi everybody am 38 year old male from north west uk .i have suffered from bad breath from an early age from which the doctor told my mum they just don't know what causes bad breath :-( . I used to be so outgoing friendly and loved life but as av got older and lost all my friends I have become lonely and depressed am not a bad looking lad and always done well with the ladies but now I just dnt give anybody a chance to get near me and this is killing me :-( I hate my lonely life so much I miss cuddling and kissing such simple things taken away from me . I have had my tonsils removed due to tonsil stones and for maybe 4 months after that my breath was ok but now it's back to a horrible stench . My dentist says my gums are in good condition and my teeth I have had X-rays all along my gums and all is fine . But it isn't if I touch my gum above my 2 front teeth a yellow coloured puss comes out that smells exactly the same as a tonsil stone :-(.my tongue is always a whitey yellow colour and I get a foul taste and sum times when I floss if I press a bit to hard and my gum bleeds the blood stinks . Something is building up somewhere in my mouth and forcing his puss out of my gums . I think we have a deficiency of some sort our body is lacking a certain something to fight this bacteria causing all our problems. Anyway please dnt just read this post and move along . PLEASE SAY HELLO AND REPLY TO MY THOUGHTS
also there is an app available called KIK I just thought with so many of us being so lonely we could all add each other and chat away when feeling down or just want a chat .
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Bad Breath from coated tongue

My StoryAfter suffering from bad breath for over five years I was desperate to find a cure to this problem. I always noticed i had a white coated tongue , also have post nasal drip and allergies no matter what antibiotic or mouthwash , i still had bad breath. Matter fact mouthwashes made it worst and tongue scrapers didnt help no matter how hard i scraped. But one day i had this wild idea of scraping my tongue with a razor to reduces the length of the papillae knowing well that a shorter papillae wont trap much food and bacteria to cause bad breath. After a week of trying this desperate act my halitosis has been reduced by 80%. I know it will take close to a month to get it totally go away. If tongue scrapers and mouth washes havent helped try the razor. Just the regular stick single razor for shaving. Though it is unlikely to cut your tongue while scraping, still be careful. I hope this help with those with bad breath from back of tongue and the tongue it self. Ever wonder why many people have allergies and PND but no bad breath. It is because they have smooth pink tongue. As you keep doing this every night before bed or morning which ever way u want , you tongue will turn pink and u will feel more silva on your tongue and less stickiness. I read this could damage taste buds but i still taste food better than before and have have conversation right after eating without worrying about my breath. Havent had many reactions to my breath like before. Still have bad days every now and then but only when i have been eating and snacking without cleaning. Good luck people. Couldnt keep this to myself but share.


Bad Breath Halitosis. Is a great website and i give you a warm welcome.


Now most of us have halitosis (Chronic Problem), although some have a acute problem.

Now you maybe Wondering? Has anyone been cured??

The Answer is YES.

Very few members on this board have been cured.

I will go through them later. Right now i will go through the cuases to save your time searching the board.


-Dry mouth, insufficient saliva flow.
-PND, well what i think is a "contributer" is bassiccaly access mucus
-Lactose Intolerance, The lack of "lactose" enzymes to digest lactose, which is a sugar found in milk.
-Bad Hygiene
-White coated tongue, a possible link to other causes.
-Acid Reflux, often heartburn is a symptom. Got to get it checked.
-Gum Disease, few of us have this.
-Candida, A fungus infection.


-Toxic body, cured by doing body flushes.
-Stress, Many of us encounter this in our lives and we think its a contributor.

Possible CURES.

This is the part your waiting for, eh?

Basically many people have come up with some crazy things, in the past. Only a few of them help. None really are the "cure"


So have you ever suffered Tonsil Problems???? Tonsil stones? Or Tonsilithis?

Maybe its time to remove those nasty things..

If your tonsils are the problem then You can say.. Theirs a HIGH CHANCE that you maybe cured...

Reports on how much this operations has helped is pretty large.

Although the price is very High.

Make sure your tonsils are THE PROBLEM before you go ahead with it.

Diet Change..


The thing you dont want to change. This is an extremely effective way of helping your bad breath..

Some, could say it is the "cure" but a extreme change....

So what do you have to do? You maybe thinking?

Well you will have to cut down extremely Foods HIGH in Protein and choline. This will starve the Bad Breath bacteria as they live on protien, like we live on food

Bassiccaly... It's Becoming a Veggie.... Very Happy d'oh! d'oh!

While your at it i reccomend you try a full body Detox Plan!

Yogurt, kefir. i.e PROBIOTICS.

This has been used the most from all users...

Bassiccally the logic behind this is if we plunge in a million bacteria against the bad bacteria they will fight


Like WWIII, Inside your mouth and believe me IT WORKS.
Many of us prefer a shot of it e.g PROBIOTIC DRINK. e.g

DanActive Light

With The liquid you can gargle and swish so it reaches everywere

Nasal Irrigation

This is a great way to flush away that mucous Dancing

This will help incredibly IF you suffer from PND.(POST NASAL DRIP)


1)Fill up 500 ml of LukeWarm Water.
2)Put 1 Teaspoon into the water.
3)Make sure its has a nozzle end. Then pour into nose, your head should be looking at 90 Degrees, do this for both nostrils.

Thats that.

The Tung Brush

This beautiful masterpiece was sent from the gods!!!! Partner this with VITAMIN C (Look Below) could form a possible cure.

This handy tool is easy to find in US. But may have to find it online for UK ( Just Google it.)

Vitiman c

This little vitamin will kill bad breath in high doses. Although many have reported the effect to have run out.... REMEMBER IT MUST BE SUGARLESS!!!!!!!
Some people have been cured with this combo:
Vit C + TungBRUSH + Yogurt. Interesting eh?

We have been told by many members that they have recieved the best effect from "GNC sugarless chewable Vit C cherry flavored"

Make sure take HIGH DOSES
Razz Razz Razz

These are the top 3

Now Remember!!!!



Now that you have read this i think this SUMS up pretty much the best this site has come up with.

I am relatively new so.. if anyone thinks of anything to add PM me.



THANK YOU AND WELCOME!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Love you people, I am with you, JIMI STEIN