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Welcome to Bad Breath Halitosis
Monday, June 27 2016 @ 10:48 AM MDT

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I CURED MY BB.. Please advertising, this is real

DiariesHello. First of all, I want to tell everybody here that I completely understand what you all are going through. I finally cured my BB and have promised myself to tell others my story in hopes of helping. I suffered from BB since I was 16 yrs old. I always went to the dentists, they said everything was healthy. THroughout the years, I have visited Neurologists, GI doctors, Allergy doctors, ENT doctors, and nobody helped me. They once gave me Flagyl which totally helped and for 2 weeks I was the happiest person alive. Then , the BB returned and I was even more devastated. I was told I have soo many different things and when I did everything nothing helped. Then one day, after 14 yrs of having this plague, I noticed a TINY hole in my gums. Very small and in the back of my throat.. I paid no mind to it, and just learned to live with it. Then , I started realizing that I felt like that hole was full of tiny particles, so I went to the dentist who always told me I have a healthy mouth. I told him and he said " you dont have a hole in your gums, youre just imagining the feeling" . I KNEW I WAS NOT CRAZY! I demanded he take a closer look, and then he checked the xrays and said, OH MAYBE this little one???? I was like YESSSS what is it? He said ' Oh that is a gap that forms when your wisdom teeth have grown in, so food gets stuck in this little gap since the tooth brush cant brush back there... THEN since food is stuck there for God knows how long, it forms a cavity in that wisdom tooth..and since it isnt treated, that tooth starts to rotten." I was like WHAT????? how long have I had these teeth. He said they usually grow in around 16 or 17 years of age!!! IT ALL CLICKED!!!! I asked him why he never mentioned my wisdom tooth might be a problem. He said well many people have their wisdom teeeth bc it doesnt bother them, and many people take them out once they start to hurt or something. So i demanded I have them removed. He said since it is not an emergency, I will have to wait about 2 months for the next appt. I went crazy and spoke to everybody at the office, I was so upset and well, point is, they told me to come in the next day for a checkup with the ORAL SURGEON! So, i went it 8AM the next day, and guess what>? They removed my teeth within an hour! It was the most horrible pain I ever experienced, but hey I was convinced this would fix my problem. After the surgery, my BB was EVEN WORSE THAN EVER!! the doctor said I had a SEVERE infection due to so many years of having this cavity in the tooth, and eventually letting it rot! I was afraid bc that BB was still present. I went back 2 weeks to take out my stitches, and guess what>???? My BB WAS GONE!!!! He said the infection was no longer present, and I had the healthiest gums he had ever seen! ( Well, after brushing almost 10 times a day bc of the horrible BB I had for 14 years, I would hope so)! And now, 3 weeks after surgery, my mouth feels so clean and refreshed and I couldnt be happier. SO, for some of you, try and see if you have your wisdom teeth. Many older people still do, and for some it might be a problem and for others not so much. And these wisdom teeth usually come out between 16 or 18 yrs old or even around 21yrs. But since mine were partially erupted, is what the problem started. people, go to your dentist and ask if you still have your wisdom teeth. Some people never grow theirs, so just check. and if you do, then THAT MIGHT BE YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!!! DEMAND TO KNOW AND IF YOU HAVE THEM< THEN REMOVE THEM! I promise you, it will change your life. It changed mine! I am happier than I have ever been, and even planning my 30th Birthday Party with all my friends, which I had not done in YEARS bc of my horrible BB, I had to stay away from everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you GOD, and I hope my story can help others. Take care and GOOD LUCK!
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I CURED MY BB.. Please advertising, this is real
Authored by: kelly on Tuesday, April 06 2010 @ 09:50 AM MDT
Hi Jennifer,
I'm glad that you cured your bad breath. Can you please tell after two weeks when you noticed it was gone, was it because of pulling stiches or it was gone even before you got rid of those stiches? My second molars were partially impacted, I did flap surgery last week to expose them, I still have bb, do u think that stiches play a role in the smell or sth? how long should I wait? btw I don't have tonsils neither wisdom teeth.

Bad Breath & Halitosis Cures
Authored by: mitc on Wednesday, May 05 2010 @ 09:51 PM MDT
I had Bad Breath for years but didnít even know it. I noticed people near me would rub there noses sneeze cough and try to go else where. It occurred to me that I had bad breath. So I went to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned but when I asked about my bad breath he said floss brush and rinse twice a day. I said Iíve been doing that since I was 15! But my dentist had run out of time so I was back on the street. Then I was paying top dollar for all those will ďstop Bad BreathĒ all you have to do is buy all these products for the rest of your life! And they donít even work ffs. One of my few remaining friends mentioned an eBook his girlfriend used called and said it worked for his girlfriend so why not me? So I downloaded a copy and found out the book had been around for years! I could have fixed my Bad Breath years ago. The eBook took a completely different approach to the cure of Bad Breath I followed it word for word. Within a week I could tell it was working and my friend said it was much better. Now a year later I have a good job a great girlfriend and Party every weekend.



I CURED MY BB.. Please advertising, this is real
Authored by: seek on Saturday, April 09 2011 @ 10:54 PM MDT
hello jeniffer,

can wisdom teeth cause bb if they don`t hurt. are they responsible for PND. please elaborate. thanks in advance


Bad Breath & Halitosis Cures
Authored by: bridomingo on Thursday, April 28 2011 @ 05:45 AM MDT
hi what's about the e-book?
Bad Breath & Halitosis Cures
Authored by: marc on Thursday, July 21 2011 @ 07:24 AM MDT
Hey there. First time poster, long time sufferer :p

Is there any way to tell if your wisdom teeth are causing bb? I have four wisdom teeth that are about halfway out. However, I also get the white coating on my tongue and I get mukus at the back of my throat as well. Potentially any one of those things are contributing to the bb. I know the white coating definitely is because when I scrape it off the bb is almost gone, but the coating returns within about 5 hours and depending on what foods I eat. I would describe my breath as a sickly sweet, rather than poo or garbage as many other people have.

I have lived with this for about 14 years (24 now) and am finally fed up and don't want to live like this anymore.
Bad Breath & Halitosis Cures
Authored by: Genie on Saturday, July 23 2011 @ 10:21 PM MDT
Any tooth in your mouth that cannot be cleaned properly possibly because they are not growing correctly, can cause bad breath. The source of most bad breath problems are in the mouth and it will take a combination of good oral hygiene including regular dental check, to stay clear of bad breath. I have had someone very close to me with that problem years ago, and I loved him so much I had to find a solution to help him. You can read my story and try what I found useful here:
I hope this remedy will work for you as well. All the best.

"If we all treat each other like we treat ourselves - what a wonderful place earth would be."
Bad Breath & Halitosis Cures
Authored by: bb_me on Monday, August 15 2011 @ 06:50 AM MDT
My friends, you may try to have a 3-day fasting (with water only). I am cured in this way with my 4-5 years of bad breath. Hope this will be a cure also to you. You may search the internet for the benefits of fasting. Please read also the instructions on how to properly execute since there are side effects (headache, etc.) during the fasting period that you will experience. Hope this will help you too. God bless.
Bad Breath & Halitosis Cures
Authored by: newchick on Thursday, September 01 2011 @ 01:33 AM MDT
Hi, I found that my bb of over 20 yrs was cured after a few days of starting a course of MMS (miracle mineral solution) by Dr Jim Humble. It fixes the cause of the bb (being fungus / bacteria (infection)), instead of treating just the symptom (bb), so the effects are long lasting. I did a course of MMS in April 2009 for about 3 weeks, and after a few days I was waking up with sweet breath. Its been over 2 years and my bb has been consistently about 90% better, and I rarely now get sore throats and colds etc which were contributing to my bb (and my tonsils used to fill with puss and I had a post nasal drip which contributed as well). If I am run down and I do feel something coming on, I just take my MMS for a couple of days and I am OK again.

Anyway, this product has changed my life I hope it can change yours too. Pls do your own research on it, there are thousands of people using it for all sorts of things, (dont take my word for it) so that you can be convicted enough in the product to take it and see the course through. (You may also want to rsearch what will make it more palatable, I used canned pear juice with no vitamin C).

all the best
PS it is sold by different vendors around the world, I have nothing to gain from its sales or anything like that, just wanna share my story. And it cost me under $30 incl shippnig and it lasted me almost 2 yrs.

Love you people, I am with you, JIMI STEIN