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Thursday, September 23 2010 @ 11:33 AM MDT

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bad breath is something that i never really worried about until on morning in 2008 when i realised i had this problem. it will go and come but i was able to go by the day without seeing any reactions from people so i never looked for a cure until it became persistent. almost 10minutes after brushing my breath will begin stinking and i had that lump in my throat which i cleared every now and then. i never was able to get the mucus to stop and i realized that anytime the mucus is at the back thats when the breath is worst. I had tonsillectomy, took antibiotics and even saw a dentist 3 times without any cue. i went through everyday with this horror for over two years until i decided to see a different dentist in my neigborhood. i told him why i came to see him and i also told the hygienist as well. she took xrays of my teeth and tooth pictures. then she told me that i had PERIO which is built under my gum and teeth. i then told her about my visits with a previous dentist who did regular cleaning on my teeth but the hygienist said regular cleaning cant get rid of it unless deep cleaning. i made an appointment for the deep cleaning and got half of my mouth cleaned. and the other half later. immediately after the cleaning i noticed the taste in my mouth was changing to how it was before my bad breath started. i am yet to have my other half cleaned because it is expensive but i can say that my bad breath is gone. i can tell by my taste in my mouth and i dont have reactions anymore from people. there are somethings i will like to point out that

1. My breath also came from my nose as well but the source was from under my gum

2. No mouthwash will cure bad breath because even after using the mouthwash it is gonna wear off but the bacteria will still be in your mouth

3. antibiotics want cure bad breath because bacteria populate and the bacteria that causes bad breath is not harmful they are just in huge quantities that is why they cause bad breath

4. i am very skeptic about probiotics because it never helped me and dont wast your time on all those supplements in vitamin shoppe or whatever it is discussed on hear GSE and the rest because they want help.

5. Post nasal drip does not necessary cause bad breath because imagine, there are so many people in the world with allergies and post nasal drip some of which you might know but dont have bad breath. Something has to contribute to make the post nasal drip lead to bad breath which is bacteria in your mouth.

6. bad breath doesnt come from your stomach.

this are the things that i went through. I just wanna spare some of you time so u dont waste ur time and money on unnecessary things which want cure your bad breath.
1. I had my tonsils removed but didnt cure my bad breath. unless they are infected and ur doctors want you to take it out dont do it. i doctor told me not to take mine out but i was desperate so i did but did not help me

2. Imagine lil children dont use mouthwash but have fresh breath. I rarely used mouthwash until i started having bad breath but no mouthwash was able to cure it. all those mouthwashes are scams. the body cleanse it self up with saliva in mouth.

3. i had an endoscopy which came out negative and i still have the bills to pay which sucks.

If you have bad breath weather from mouth or nose please check the mouth first because that is where mine came from. I saw a dentist who said i was fine gave me regular cleaning which did nothing for me until i saw a different dentist who said i had perio under my gum which even the best oral hygiene can get rid of because they are hard plaque and bacteria overload under the gum so some on you may brush 100 times a day but still have bad breath because we just brush the tooth of the gum and not the bottom. i hope this helps

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