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Thursday, June 30 2016 @ 04:26 AM MDT

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Fecal Breath

My StoryHello All,

I hope someone can help with my BB. Here is my story.

The first time I knew I had bad breath was when I was in 2nd grade. I lost a girlfriend because she told me I had bad breath. I used to wrestle around with my brother and he told one day that my breath smelled worse than my butt. I started using mints, gum ect... but always the same result. I became self conscious of it and tried my best not to talk directly in front of people.
I tried my best through high school and college. I have friends and a wife but I donít talk that much when I am around them. My wife asked me one morning if I had farted, all I did was say good morning. I knew what the problem was.

After I became older I tried various products from the internet without any luck. I have heard people say that my breath would knock a buzzard off a sh_t wagon. My co-workers stand in my doorway instead of coming in my office, when Iím on the phone they leave. After I say anything inside a car there is silence because they canít believe if I farted or its coming out of mouth.

I could go on and on. This is not just in my head, I can rub my finger across my toung - dry it in the air for a moment and then smell it. Yep same thing smells like fecal. Let me spare you the details of what I have tried all my life. But you must know a few things in order to help me if you can.

1. Dentist says my teeth and gums are healthy.
2. Went to a breath clinic, white coating on my toung, scrape every morning and night Ė still have poo breath.
3. Had tonsils removed at the age of 25.
4. Had sinuses surgery at the age of 18 for a blockage. I have large sinuous cavities and some post nasal drip.
5. Had an endoscopy done when I was 30, doctor did not find anything but a hiatal hernia, took meds for about a year, still have poo breath.

I could write a book on what I have tried. I came across this site and read about Candida. I have to question whether or not my doctor knew what he was looking for when I had the endoscopy done because I still have poo breath.

I am now 47 and my poo breath seems to be getting worse if that is possible. I use a mask in the late fall when I cut the grass and I can smell my own breath, its nasty poo breath. I know all about it, the body will not allow you to smell your own breath. Well mine is so bad that I notice it.

Do you know what it feels like to read a book to your children and watch them pull the sheets up to their nose?

I have never found a Doctor that I can talk with on the subject, that understands what to look for or how to find the problem. Canít someone take samples of saliva or tissues and tell me the origin?

Thatís all for now. You can ask me questions if you want; Iím open for just about anything at this point in my life.

Regards, Clint
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Fecal Breath
Authored by: waltoncs on Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 10:33 AM MST
Dear Clint: This is the first time I've ever even looked for a web site that addressed the issues you've described, but had a suspicion that if I was having this problem, there must be many other people with the same problem. I can't imagine anything that could possibly create more isolation, fear, and feelings of negative self worth. Sadly, the problem will never be fixed by the medical community. If we don't get how powerful our mind is, then we'll never heal this issue. The simple belief that I have bb, is all it takes to create it in reality. The early trauma of one of your 2nd grade classmates telling you that you had bb is all it takes to create that belief about yourself possibly for life. And everyone has bb at some time in our life. Since it happened at a vulnerable time in your life, for you it was traumatic and therefore created a perminant belief in your mind. The odor of the breath and sweat can change with a change in emotional attitude, in other words, your body will do what your mind tells it to do. Since we humans carry on a constant internal dialog or self talk, we have told our subconscious mind probably millions of times that we have bb, and the subconscious is simply doing what it is told to do: create chronic bb. Changing that, of course, isn't easy. You basically have to reprogram that part of your subconscious mind: Create a set of affirmations that will change that belief, and listen to it with headphones 1,000/day for 60 to 90 days. I do it at night while I'm sleeping; been doing it for about 7 weeks. And yes, it really does work. Your affirmations might say: "I am surrounded by people who love and support me; my body is fully healed and healthy. Add whatever incorrect beliefs you have about yourself without getting too lengthy. Remember, your main belief is that you have something "wrong" with your body, which is not true. There's nothing wrong with your body, just a wrong belief.

Regards, Joe
Fecal Breath
Authored by: luis on Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 08:10 PM MST
Jesus Clint!
Was that loud enough for you? Or will I have to tell you my story? I wish there could be some kind of psychological slapping for you to WAKE UP from that life sucking condition of yours! IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND, NOT YOUR BODY!!!.... ok, i know, you don't believe me or you think i'm teasing you. But what if I tell you that i almost commit suicide because of my delusional halitosis and halitophobia. Because I suffered it for about 3 years on a full blown phobia. I'm no Doctor but i think it's some kind of psycosomatic disorder... which is something that you, from your own FIVE senses, feel exactly as your brain tells you to. In your case (and mine 10 years ago) your filthy, rotten, unbearable breath.
I was extreme as well!... when i exhaled i thought the smell reached more than a lit cigarette!!.. Even through walls!!... Couldn't live, period.
'Nuff said about the severity of my own smell. Now, the "treatment". First let me say that we are lucky. It's all in our powerful minds. So, not only you will drastically reduce your bad smell, but you will COMPLETELY remove ti. Don't believe me? Just follow these steps:
FIRST: Find your best friend and say to him: "I need to have a serious conversation with you" (difficulty: hard)
SECOND: As you are sited for that serious conversation, keep in mind that you WILL NOT LEAVE until you have all your questions and regrets, and frustrations discussed with him/her. (difficulty: hard)
THIRD: the question: "JUST HOW BAD MY BREATH SMELLS?" (difficulty: the hardest thing you will ever do)
So, how'd it go? Would love to hear :)
FOURTH: Testing. Try it on anyone. Ask someone at a normal distance, something like directions. Or someone you know a logical thing to ask. Something that will need an answer. Just do this aswel.... look to his/her eyes as confidently as you can. (difficulty: the hardest thing you will ever do after the third step)
FIFTH: Enjoy the world's normal reaction to your persona.
This means YOU ARE FREE! Your breath is now cristal clean! Completely cured!... You were acting like a wacky noodle all those years because you thought you smelled. umpf!... Nevermind if YOU still smell it, because the others don't! Isn't that what bothers you most? So, nevermind the taste, the smell, because that's your mind tricking you. FIGHT IT!... it will eventually disappear as you exhale freely your new you.
Fecal Breath
Authored by: fess on Monday, January 17 2011 @ 08:18 PM MST
you guys need to seriously get your head out of your asses, because you can't tell the difference between the bullshit your saying and the bullshit smell that comes out of peoples mouth with halitosis.. i would say maybe 5 percent here on this site have halitophobia tops. a man 47 years of age with a wife and children will know if he has it. ooooooouuuu it's all in your mind CLINT get *censored*ing real. first your family is the last to tell you the truth on this ailment - it's in the taboo category. second the reactions from work and even off remarks from his wife along with him being able to smell it in a mask doesn't make him delusional just absolutely frustrated. do you really believe your crap your trying to sell with it's ALL IN YOUR HEAD talk. the man obviously has a home, a steady fixed income, with a family - the only thing in his head is that why aren't there any real specialists trained in the medical field to treat bad breath successfully like their trained to treat cancer which i have my own spiel on that as well which i won't get off the topic. alright jerk offs keep blathering your hocus pocus it's ALL IN YOUR HEAD. CLINT buddy read your email i sent you and i will get you back on the right track and show you exactly how to correct this problem 100 percent without any relapse or voodoo potion. talk to you later buddy.
Fecal Breath
Authored by: fess on Monday, January 17 2011 @ 08:41 PM MST
WALTONCS you have to be the craziest quack i've read a post from any site, and i mean any site. subconscious/ conscious -say this 1000 x tell your mind to believe this not that. ARE YOU EVEN AWAKE!
my guess is your still in that subconscious state in that very confused and lost brain of yours. WOW what do you do for a living? i bet pass tarot cards on the corner street in the west village nyc. CLINT buddy,
if you even considered contemplating on any of these whackos comments you might go in the same waking coma state there in. CLINT this isn't the time to start questioning your sanity and thinking you've imagined this your whole life from one experience as a child. WOW you guys really got to lay off on whatever crap you ingest or smoke or shoot up . it really sounds like you are a bunch of failed students that didn't pass psych class. well guess what? you failed here as well. umm WALT-NUTS it doesn't take a degree to know there is really something confusing going on above your shoulders. now let me ask is it 1000x in the subconscious that we do this mantra or the conscious telling the subconscious to SHUT THE *censored* UP ALREADY! thats it for now kids. CLASS OVER!!
Could i have some advice please?
Authored by: Sash on Tuesday, January 18 2011 @ 07:05 AM MST
Hey i just read your feedback and you said you knew a 100% cure for BB, im in desperate need , im on the verge of suicide , if you could give me some guidence it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Could i have some advice please?
Authored by: fess on Thursday, January 20 2011 @ 09:30 AM MST
i sent you a email tell me if you recieved it
Could i have some advice please?
Authored by: Mariaf on Thursday, January 27 2011 @ 10:30 AM MST
Hey I'm new to this site I read ur post I'm not advertising or anything but this has worked for me for the past two days go there and follow their routine I've been using the oxygenating method for now and. The only thing I do differently is that after I'm done doing what they say I brush my teeth with colgate total or colgate maxfresh u do that morning and night and after lunch I just brush my teeth with colgate not the other stuff because I haven't found the grape seed extract . Please don't feel like killing your self I sometimes feel the same way but if u want to talk to someone and let ur feeling out contact me let me know if what I'm doing worked for u I'll keep u posted if this keeps working
Could i have some advice please?
Authored by: Clint47 on Friday, January 28 2011 @ 06:42 AM MST
I did not receive the e-mail. Please try again.

Fecal Breath
Authored by: Tylan456 on Wednesday, April 13 2011 @ 11:50 AM MDT
Fecal breath,

Read Cured post, Searcing has posted I tried it and it really worked, I had peridonal issue and the irrigator and peroxide worked for me, and I used benonite for my smoache issue, and I have a clean tongue and fresh breath a day long. Give that a try maybe it will work for you
Fecal Breath
Authored by: ilovemytwix on Tuesday, May 10 2011 @ 01:37 AM MDT
i have the exact same problem as clint, could u help me too plz
Fecal Breath
Authored by: ilovemytwix on Tuesday, May 10 2011 @ 01:40 AM MDT
i have the same problem as clint can u please help me, i have fart breath that comes out of my nose and mouth, even wen my mouth is closed it comes out of my nose
Fecal Breath
Authored by: jbozz21 on Tuesday, May 10 2011 @ 10:55 PM MDT
Hey Clint, I know exactly how you feel and don't listen to those guys that tell you it's all in your head. I have dealt with my cronic halitosis poo breath for at least 10 years. It SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly get a date and never keep one. My family is constantly telling me how my breath smells like poo. I have recently gotten soooooooooooooo Frustrated with myself that I just felt like i would never get married and there was no point in trying cuz no one would date me. I never know when it will strike but it constantly happens after dinner and in the morning. I found that it happens when I am having stomach issues and when I am constipated or bloated. I am 100% sure that it has to do with constipation and poor bowl movements. The worst part about it is that I cannot smell it at all so I can't even go and brush my teeth to make it better. I sometimes can smell it on my cups but not much. I have people look away from me, back away, not face me when I talke to them. It makes me so frustrated! Especially because I don't get the clue until later. For me taking probiotics and antifugal/ anticandida herbs and enzymes helps alot. If I were you I would try those things. The only thing is that you have to be consistent with them. I am sure it is not just a mouth bacteria thing because sometime I will not have any poo breath at all even when I haven't brushed my teeth in the morning just morning breath (confirmed by my mom).
Fecal Breath
Authored by: Clementine on Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 08:07 PM MDT
I agree that the feces smell might have a connection to poor bowel movements (constipation). I have lived with bad breath for a long time and have tried many "cures" but nothing has helped. Like you said the fecal breath comes and goes but when its bad it's horrible. My coworkers take defensive measures whenever they are in close proximity to me so that they don't accidentally get a whiff of the stench that comes out of my mouth. I'm so totally tired of this. My boyfriend doesn't even sit next to me and when we are in public and I start to say something to him, he literally runs away. I went to visit my family in Florida recently and when my sister and her daughter got a whiff of my breath, they alienated me for the rest of my visit. I know they had a field day talking about me. I've always taking pride in my appearance but it doesn't matter how good you look or how well you're dressed, if you have bad breath, once you open your mouth, you become a monster. Sorry for venting but it helps sometimes.
Fecal Breath
Authored by: Dee on Sunday, May 29 2011 @ 04:14 AM MDT
Hi all

Clint, I too suffer from what you have described: people backing away, opening windows in car after I have spoken, standing in the doorway etc etc. I have tried everything without success,spending thousands in the process. I have tried dietary changes, supplementation, acupuncture, kinsieology, hopi,allergy testing, and many other treatments. I have now sent off a urine test for TMAU. I am single and don't know how I will ever find anyone given the problem, even though I have had boyfriends in the past who commented on the smell. I read a couple of the comments which suggest it's all in your head; I too have had that said, but like you know it is absolutely not in my head, and it is so frustrating when that is said. The problem has now got worse, if that's possible. If I could find something to at least control it I would be happy. I did try bodymint which helped initially, but after a couple of weeks, it was back worse than ever. Please can someone suggets something that is likely to help. Fess, what is it you suggested to Clint??
Fecal Breath
Authored by: Clint47 on Tuesday, May 31 2011 @ 01:41 PM MDT

Thanks for your input. I feel somewhat better knowing I am not alone. Some of the other post that people say, "itís just in your head" have not stood in front of me and talked face to face. When your partner asks, did you fart, and all you did was say hello, you know what it is. I am continuing my search to find someone that can help me. I am going to call An ENT this week. I have found possible two others in different states but my insurance will only pay for in network doctors. I have seen one in the past; maybe I'll get lucky and find a new doctor. I have tried so many things in my life to treat my embarrassing condition. Just this morning I brushed my tongue as far back as I could reach and gagged using an oxygenated tooth paste. When I arrived at work and talked to others, one person wrinkled his face and turned away after placing his hand in front of his mouth and under his nose. I have seen the reaction before. When I do find my problem and a cure, I will post it free of charge, unlike other websites that charge for a cure that doesnít even help you. Thanks again, Clint
Fecal Breath
Authored by: Visualis on Tuesday, May 31 2011 @ 08:14 PM MDT
Hello everyone,
I just found this place, and I am very happy to see I am not alone, and there will hopefully be useful suggestions here to help. I hope.

Though I havent scanned a huge amount of posts yet, I have been reading for nearly a half hour, and I've seen a lot of things mentioned. I will certainly try some of them. One thing I have not seen mentioned yet, is Chlorophyll.

Even I, who had not heard of many of the treatments mentioned here, knows about Chlorophyll. Yet it isnt mentioned. Why? Seems odd, since that is exactly what it's used for. Dont misunderstand, it's not a permanent solution, but in terms of short-term solutions, it works wonders, and I have BB as bad as the worst stories I have heard here. Unlike some, I've always had it, from as early as I can remember. And unlike some people here, it certainly hasnít "ruined" my life, made me consider suicide, or anything that remotely that extreme. But it's so horrible that I definitely had to take drastic measures, since those few times where I messed-up and didnít take precautions, ended up in horribly embarrassing and long-lasting consequences. I learned that lesson while in my early teens.

I guess I was supposed to, like everyone else here, go into all the back-story before I start ranting about my "cure". No need, really. Like others here, my BB is so bad it makes peoples eyes water. Why spend time on colorful descriptions, you all know the routine. I am shocked though, about the "suicide" stories I have read. Mine is truly as bad as it gets, and I have a pretty happy life. Perhaps these people developed it recently, and therefore havent had a whole lifetime to acclimate? I dont know.

Anyway, when you have chronic BB, you learn to deal. Dont speak into peoples faces, keep your distance, and take precautions. I dont know what all the specifics are in these horror stories told by some people here, but it makes you wonder. But lets move on. Ages ago I learned to do many things, like brushing with pastes specifically chosen which had the best results, same with mouthwashes, and gum. HUGE amounts of trial and error to find the combinations that worked best. But of course, when you've had this forever, you have no choice but to learn what works. You sink or swim. When you have the worst imaginable BB of anyone youíve ever met, you obviously must do whatever can be done.

Also, I see a lot of people bashing products in their posts, which I am surprised at. Because something doesnít work for you, means it's a scam? That is very childlike. I've given some of my own ďrecipesĒ to friends with BB in the past, and in some cases it worked well, and others it didnít work at all. Am I a scam artist?

I know now, after decades of dealing with this, that BB is soooooo damn general, and it's causes are really diverse. There cannot, and will not be a cure, any more then there will be a pill that cures "sickness" in general. Gotta be a bit more specific then "sickness" to find a solution, right? BB is the result of a whole damn cornucopia of things. Consider that before bashing any suggestions, products, or lifestyle changes which might hopefully help a little. For some, they might work.

But I digress greatly, I wanted just to mention Chlorophyll without giving a life story.

Ok, Chlorophyll. Go get it. Try it. You might be surprised. I happened upon it by accident, it was in the refrigerator of a friend, who had it given to him as a gift from some crystal-wearing, tree-hugging hippy-chick, and he never opened it. I read the bottle, and it claimed it was an "intestinal deodorizer". Huh? It also said something about being used as a mouthwash. Really? Now flash back to one of my earlier paragraphs. When you deal with BB your entire life, you learn about trying anything and everything you come across. So this was yet another opportunity to try something new, and for free! So I did what it said, diluted it about 1:1 with water, and used it like a mouthwash, but instead of spitting it out you swallow it, and then you get the benefits of taking Chlorophyll too, which are numerous, since it's like eating a bunch of greens. Also, it is indeed an "intestinal deodorizer", I can vouch for that. (i.e., if you must float an air-biscuit, no one is going to smell anything foul). But back to my first experience with Chlorophyll. I mixed a bit with a tiny bit of water, swished it around my mouth for about 30 seconds, and then asked my friend to smell my breath. Obviously you'd not do that with anyone other then a male friend, who are hard to offend. He said there was no BB. And I assure you I had my usual 24/7 BB just moments before, it's always there, like a nasty shadow.

So there you have it. It works for me. For you? Who knows. It might, it might not. But it's a solution that is hardly different from strong chewing gum or strong mouthwash, it doesnt last. But for me, it does last a pretty long time, considering how awful my BB is, several hours. That might not sound like a good solution to some, but for my degree of hard-core BB, several hours is a blessing. And then several hours later, I just do another Chlorophyll rinse. Sure, I wish there was a permanent solution, and hopefully I/you/we will find one which works, but until then, I am a loyal member of team Chlorophyll. I even pre-dilute it with water, and bring it with me. You donít need much, so any tiny ďtravel sizeĒ bottle made for soap, lotion, or whatever else, will work. That way Iíve always got it with me, when the effects wear off later in the day or night. And before intimacy, itís a MUST!

You can find it at whatever local health-food store is in your area. I have tried a few different brands, and they all work equally well. At the moment the one I love is the Bernard Jensen Chlorophyll with Mint, the mint is certainly a bonus too. But before I found that brand, I bought the generic brand which had the name of the store I bought it from, and that was just as good.

Also, this treatment isnt re-purposing something made for a different application, Chlorophyll has always been used for this exact purpose, either deliberately or not. I read that even during the Egyptian empire, they used to chew parsley after eating foods which made your breath stink. Parsley (and pretty much anything else which is green) has, of course, Chlorophyll. I'm sure you all know this already, but all Chlorophyll is, is the GREEN! It's what makes green plants green. So yes, you can eat a buttload of parsley, or, have some nice super-concentrated Chlorophyll instead. I really donít know how I would function without it. It's been what keeps this horrible disease at bay for me. And the key term here is, for ME! If it doesnít work for you, sorry. But I have read enough about it over the last decade since I discovered it, to know that BB and BB caused by food, has been treated with Chlorophyll by many cultures over the years.

So imagine my surprise when I didnt see any posts with Chlorophyll in the title. But again, this is my first day here. I might be premature in saying it hasent been discussed, I just having found those posts yet if it has. If this is old-news to all of you, sorry.

Give it a try, it's cheaper then many of the remedies I have seen mentioned here, like the products from that TheraBreath company, which I do intend on trying. And again, try everything! If I werent always and forever in a "try anything at any time, always" mode, I would not have found this very decent Chlorophyll solution. Who knows what else is out there which hasent been tried yet? Iíll try it all. Maybe biting the heads off of bats is a great solution? Hell, Iíd try it, if I heard it had a good chance of working.

But about permanent solutions, I am all ears! In the many posts I have read today, I have heard of many possibilities, like these "probiotics". I am absolutely going to try those too.

And to those suicidal people, what's with you? Cut it out. Makes you wonder if they are perhaps already pre-disposed to a mental condition of that kind, which have obviously been made much worse because of BB. Sure, makes sense. But please people, get out and live. At least find some good, efficient, temporary solutions...while you continue searching for a longer lasting one. Again, there are a huge number of reasons why your breath is "sick", and clearly there isnt any one way that is going to work for everyone, so stop being depressed because ONE highly marketed product didnt work for you, so what?

Go spend some of that money you've obviously saved in great abundance by being completely introverted and shut-in for years (hey, clubs, drinks, and a busy social life are EXPENSIVE), and put a small amount of it towards trying at least one new product every couple of weeks. And also try some of the techniques mentioned on this site, like regarding diet. Everyoneís breath ďsicknessĒ is cause by something different, so get out there and try all the things you havenít tried already.

Oh, also....I went to a specialist (ha!) nearly a decade ago, who told me my tonsils were to blame. I didnt know the term tonsil-stones then, but that is exactly what I had. He talked me into having my tonsils removed, which I did. So if you doubt the severity of my condition, because I am not a suicidal shut-in, you should know that I spent around $2,000 during a time where I was dirt-poor (borrowed the money) to have it done, thinking it would cure my BB. Well, it didnt. It VERY mildly took "the edge" off it, sure. And the tonsil-stones are now a thing of the past, which is nice. But no, the BB is still very much there. And just because I havent used descriptive words like "poo" or "fecal" in my post (cause it's embarrassing to write about this, here for the first time), doesnt mean mine isnt all those things and more. When you can offend someone from literally 10 feet away, you learn to keep your distance, and speak without expelling much air. So there, mine is every bit as bad as yours, and most probably worse.

Almost forgot, getting your tonsils out hurts really bad!!! It's a simple procedure, but in the days afterwards, you'll have some bad pain. I was told by a former client that her post-tonsillectomy pain was so bad, she got a bucket to drool into...because it hurt to swallow. I found that to be absolutely true. The first day though, was ok, because they will certainly write you a prescription for HC, or some other strong pain-killer, which did help a lot. But boy, swallowing was still really painful. It's like the worst sore-throat ever, and it lasts for nearly a week. Of course, the worst days were the 3 or 4 after the procedure. But I knew this going into it, and I figured it was still a tiny tiny tiny price to pay to live without BB for the first time in my entire life. I would have endured the procedure being done to me while wide awake, with a hot poker, if I genuinely believed it would made all of this go away. Unfortunately that wasnt the case.

But of course, dont take my own story as a reason to dismiss the possibility that a tonsillectomy will help. For all you know, that might be the only cause of your BB. In some cases, now that I've read lots about my tonsillectomy, it totally does the trick. So how can I fault my doctor? For all he knew, I might have been totally cured.

So what have we learned kids? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Try everything.
Dont kill yourself.
Do your homework.

Now get out there and live, damnit! Or...dont. The choice is yours.

And also, when you DO find something that helps, SHARE IT! Everyone here, I assume, wants to hear about it.

Wow, this is one of the longest messages I have ever written.

Lastly, Chlorophyll might as well be INK! So be careful. It WILL stain your clothes, so dont be sloppy. And I am always so worried that it will stain my teeth, that I always rinse with water after I use it. I can only assume that if I didnt rise afterwards that the effect it has would last even a bit longer. Who knows.

Good luck, everyone!
Fecal Breath
Authored by: Genie on Saturday, July 23 2011 @ 10:08 PM MDT
Hi Clint, I have not personally had anyone complain about my breath, but I have had run ins with people who are very close to me. I was so in love with a guy at one point in my life, who had really bad breath, I had to find a solution to his problem. I did some experiment and thank goodness it worked for him. Since then I have recommended it to quite a few people and they all say it work for them. I am not sure it will work for everyone but when it comes to bad breath, anything is worth a try. You can read my story and try the solution for yourself here:
All the best.

"If we all treat each other like we treat ourselves - what a wonderful place earth would be."
Fecal Breath
Authored by: Genie on Saturday, July 23 2011 @ 10:11 PM MDT
Hello, you can read my story and try this solution for yourself here:
I hope this remedy will work for you as well. All the best.

"If we all treat each other like we treat ourselves - what a wonderful place earth would be."
Fecal Breath
Authored by: hersheybar86 on Monday, July 25 2011 @ 04:45 PM MDT
Fecal Breath
Authored by: starfire on Wednesday, September 21 2011 @ 03:09 AM MDT
I to suffer this I still have my tonsils and they seem to be the source even when there's no stones they smell like poop please help
Fecal Breath
Authored by: long suffering on Saturday, September 24 2011 @ 06:53 PM MDT
I can relate to all of the comments so well. When I was five my mom took me to the dentist, and I was so afraid (actually screamed loudly) that I didn't go back until high school. I have not missed a dentist appointment in the last 20 years. I have been under the care of a periodontist, a general dentist, an oral surgeon and a couple of other specialists. Most recently, I spent nearly $6000.00 for extractions and implants which were supposed to help my bad breath problem. I have tried probiotics, numerous mouth washes, mints, pills, even chlorophyll, and honestly I haven't seen any improvement. I work with Jr. High children and they complain about how bad the room smells. I know that it is my breath. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. My husband doesn't believe me, because it is worse when I talk long and loudly so that everyone in the room can hear me. Also, I have learned not to talk directly to my husband (strange, I know). Yesterday, a student told me that a friend of hers from another school (that I worked at briefly) told her that I "stunk up" the whole room. I was really devastated. Even though she told me privately, I could barely get through the rest of the class. It is really hard to do my job to the best of my ability because I try to keep my distance from students, yet still do the best that I can for them. I have always been a good teacher, but as I approach my senior years, my reputation is becoming that of a "stinky old teacher" and that's the way I am begining to feel. This bad breath problem drains so much emotional energy that it is really aging me. It helps a little to know that others have this same problem. I am going on a long plane trip and I am so afraid that I will sit between passengers and my mouth odor will offend them. With a window seat, I can at least face the window. On the econo tour, I wasn't able to request a seat, People who are not aware that these extreme breath problems exist think it's all a joke. I visited a friend's very small church. That Sunday, I had eaten so many mints that they compounded the problem. I heard a couple of people talking and laughing about it how I was smelling up the room afterwards. When I spoke with the minister, she even placed her hand to her nose. Sometimes, I don't know how I will continue to go on. I have people who depend on me for financial and emotional support. I can't afford to give up. Prayer helps. If you are Christians, please pray for me to be able to continue to live. I am writing this through tears; I am so tired. This mouth odor problem prevents me from becoming the complete person that I should be. It affects every aspect of my life. If you are one who thinks this is a joke, please don't post any mean-spirited comments suggesting that I do terrible things. Again, please pray for me.
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Authored by: marlasinger on Friday, November 11 2011 @ 09:41 PM MST
Hi Clint. Try acidophilus or Culturelle - you can get this from a vitamin store or Whole Foods. Plus I neti pot. I think my bb came from my stomach and post nasal drip. Good luck!
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Authored by: aurther on Wednesday, December 21 2011 @ 03:02 PM MST
Have you tried natural remedies for bad breath such as Dill, Sage, Parsely and Anise herbs among others. There have been very encouraging reports on the usefulness of these particular herbs against the worst of bad breath e,g that cause by onions and garlic.
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Authored by: Positive on Monday, January 16 2012 @ 11:29 AM MST
Aurther- thanks for your natural remedy
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Authored by: Positive on Saturday, February 04 2012 @ 09:09 PM MST has posted a comment giving away 1 free BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit for a story on how bad breath affects you. You may be interested.
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Authored by: latae on Friday, March 23 2012 @ 06:00 PM MDT
I understand your pain and dilemma. I am currently out of work due to quitting my job for being tormented because of this problem. It has been very difficult for me to hold a job because this problem has followed me no matter where I go. I cannot handle being the brunt of jokes, laughter, insensitive comments, and judgment. I even had an elderly co worker hand me a handful of peppermints,and told me to eat them all. People automatically assume that you have bad hygiene with this problem. I can understand the reason for others feeling this way, but it is far from the truth. My oral hygiene is impecable. I have grown obsessive compulsive about the problem. I used to have a wonderful social life, but this horrible smell has destroyed my confidence and every aspect of my personal and professional life along with it. I've used every commercial product which is guaranteed to get rid of bad breath. Also, I've used herbal products as well. For at least five years, nothing seemed to work. In desperation, because I was actually thinking of suicide after the peppermint incident at work, and another co-worker walking down the aisle where my desk was located, spraying perfume.. Oh, I forget to mention the sudden onset of coughs of others who are around me when I am shopping in a store. I felt helpless. I looked up every possible remedy which I had not already tried before. I am not sure.... But... I THINK I am on to something. The reason I say this is because my tongue is pink again. I haven't seen my tongue pink in nearly six years! I have only gotten whiffs of an occasional poop smell in the past. I could never smell the obviously wretched smell others got when I was around, but I've had people say it smells like sh** whenever I came around and wasn't speaking, I've had people cover their nose when I speak, look away, or even give a facial expression for wanting to gag. I couldn't smell it directly, but my mouth was always HOT and coated with white... Also, I would get tonsil stones which smelled like the devils butt when I would remove them. So, I knew I had a big problem for the way other people treated me and the smell of the tonsil stones when I took them out. These boogers smell so bad a part of me said I understood why people acted how they did toward me. My mouth feels different and lighter. I will list all that I've tried and list what has finally given me a pink tongue and the feeling of fresh breath again. I am not sure if it's a single thing... or a combination.... My bathroom is like a grocery store for dental care products. Here's a list of everything I've tried in the beginning:

Seasalt, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide gargles
tea tree oil and water gargles
cayenne and water gargles
gentian violet tongue painting
crest clinical toothpaste
baking soda and peroxide toothpastes
crest clinical mouthwash
peppermint tea
green tea
tongue scraping
waterpick (very effective for removing tonsil stones)
every gum on the market
oil pulling with olive oil
oil pulling with coconut oil

Here is what I've been using lately while I've gotten a pink tongue:

oil pulling with oil of oregano (burns like heck... but so much of gunk came from the tongue and mouth--- something is working with this stuff)

nasal rinses with collodial silver (a hard mass on the inside of my nose is disappearing... thinking maybe I had a fungal sinus infection)

myrrh gum capsules (said to remove bacteria and freshen breath)

activated charcoal capsules (said to absorb toxins... I take 12 at one time.... I think it's doing something... fyi.. It makes you smell like smoke or a barbeque pit.. maybe because I've taken so many... but the smell goes away in a couple of days.. I feel lighter, my skin is so much better)

Oil of organo capsules (for any internal infection or toxins)

Chlorophyll tablets (said to cleans the blood of toxins and freshen the breath)

Zinc (supposed to keep mouth bacteria from reproducing

cayenne capsules (increases blood flow... increases internal body heat as well, lol)

multivitamin for women

occasional tea tree oil gargles to kill any bacteria

brush with baking soda and peroxide after oil pulling

crest clinical protection toothpaste for daily use

****The product which made the biggest difference almost instantly is oil pulling with pure oil of oregano**** It burns, but so much of icky stuff came out of me... It was far less painful than the ridicule I've experienced from people... I haven't tested it by talking to someone up close... But the appearance of my tongue and fresh feeling gives me a renewed sense of confidence already!!! Also, I have an orabrush... It works wonders!!! It is not sold in walmart

Good luck
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Authored by: Janice on Friday, March 30 2012 @ 03:56 AM MDT
Hi all: I'm new here. I too suffered for almost 40 years. I recently got cured and for that am thankful. My BB was so bad like many others, people would not look at me, covered their faces and backed off when I spoke. I would watch people and really wished I could have the freedom they had. This is how I got cured. My dentist told me I needed more than regular cleanings so I started getting the deep peridontal cleanings, then I did the usual, brush, flush and started using that Oral B power operated battery. I started taking Emergen C every morning and started eating the Fage yoghurt with free every day. My hygienist told me to mix half and half: scope and Hydrogen Perioxide. So far so good. I believe that the yoghurt cured whatever stomach ailment I had but I bought the good and natural yoghurt, the deep peridontal cleanings (not the normal ones) and the flouride rinse and the mixture of scope and HP. I don't know how it happened but my BB went away. I feel so grateful now for the FIRST time I can talk to people directly without them turning away. The results at work is awesome with communication (before everyone would cover their faces or back away). I was so miserable. I can't do without my Emergen C now and the Fage yoghurt. I also rinse with warm sal*censored*er. I can't believe the difference it has made in my life. I wish you all the best and if you have any questions please let me know. BTW, the deep periodontal cleanings are not usually covered by insurance but to me it is totally worth it, along with the things I am taking to prevent BB again.
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Authored by: meryjohnson on Monday, May 28 2012 @ 02:31 AM MDT
I have had bad breath, lost my job due to it. tried to find a new job but it's very hard once you stink up the office. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to check Oraltech Labs advice as it got rid of his bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following advice for about 2 months now and I feel much better, also people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well.
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Authored by: DanielPine on Tuesday, July 10 2012 @ 01:35 AM MDT
are you lactose intolerant?
Do you have allergies?
Are your sinuses clogged up?
Is your body intolerant of any foods?

If any of these are the case you need to stop eating lactose, completely remove it from your diet, get saline nasal spray and heres the tough one, get your tonsils removed. Most of the time the fecal smell is coming from the tonsils, just poke around your tonsils with your finger, smell it, if it smells theres your source of bad breath. If it doesnt you may not be able to smell your own breath, try again later. Hope this helps.

if your body is intolerant of any foods you have to completely remove them from your diet
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Authored by: Visualis on Thursday, November 29 2012 @ 07:36 AM MST
glad to hear you found a few things which seem to be working. I am certainly going to try the oil pulling thing.

However, PURE oil of Oregano?

Did you mean to say you put a few drops of pure oregano oil into another oil? I assume so, unless you have undertaken the most expensive oil-pulling routine I've yet read about. After reading your message, I immediately started looking for it, and also researching this oil-pulling. The pure oil of oregano sells for $8 to as much as $30 for a SINGLE OUNCE! So at its cheapest, you are still going through many of those tiny bottles per week.

Unless, you have found a very good and inexpensive source of Oregano oil you forgot to mention?

Please elaborate for us.

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Authored by: desperate girl on Sunday, March 10 2013 @ 07:51 PM MDT
im from the philippines and i dont know what to do in my situation. i suffering also post nasal drip i think thats the root of my problem. i believe oral tech can help me but i dont have any paypal account and i tried many times just to have an account there but i still i cant. can you please help me i know you can understand my situation. it is really ruined my life now not only my social life. please can i ask for your help. please give me things i should do to cure my problem. please please please please i would be very very thankful if you could help me please.
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Authored by: Mia on Friday, March 29 2013 @ 07:32 PM MDT
Hi! Clint I'm new in the forum, when I read your story is pretty much similar as mine with the different I'm not marry and I don't go out of my house much only the necessary for example to take my kid to school which I wait till every one goes in that way I don't have to pass by any one because from certain distant they could smell. Is not in my head is real. You not alone
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Authored by: Mia on Friday, March 29 2013 @ 08:05 PM MDT
Really sad story and i now how you feel, I'm going through the same. Is hard to deal with this situation. Hope by now you feel better.
Authored by: Anissa on Wednesday, December 25 2013 @ 11:34 PM MST
I also suffer the same.

Our problems are internal and this is just a symptom. Our mouthes are an opening to the drains inside our body. So if the sewer stinks, our breath will surely smell. The smell originates from the imbalances, bad microbes and toxins in our body.

Ive been doing research and here is what I have come up with:

body cleanse/detox->

Tumeric (powder) if you cook with it, it usually immediately removes all smell and flavor in your food!!! Imagine when you stir it in water and then drink it on an empty stomach. It is an old ayurvedic method because of its antimicrobial properties.

Fenugreek (powder) has a heavenly smell. It smells like maple syrup, when you ingest or drink this, this powerful herb invades every duct in your body and soon your Body Odor smells like maple syrup. No need to take baths with Clorox.

Oils!!!! Modern science has brainwashed the whole world into thinking that oils are bad for us and this is why we suffer from all kinds of medical problems today. Like a car, our body needs oil to run smoothly and empty all ducts, vessels and organs in our body. Even tunafish in oil as opposed to water, have less heavy metals because the oil "pulls them out. Do "oil pulling" for at least 5 min at the end of your day and watch the difference in your health. Oils are the CURE to everything. They are God's medicine to us! For the Asians, the best oil which has been prophetisized to cure anything is Black Seed Nigella Oil. The only thing it cant cure is death! LOOK for virgin and unrefined oils. Castor oil as in Tom and jerry is the closest in consistency to our lymphatic system. All oils can be taken by spoonfuls on an empty stomach and externally by being massaged onto specific body parts with a hot towel or water bottle over it. Do it and notice the difference in bowel movements etc!!!!
Ive noticed someone talk of Oil of Oregano. Here in Asia, we have abundance of Water of Marjoram which is excellent for the whole digestive system and other organs. But its dirt cheap unlike anything healthy in the West. Whenever I travel to Egypt, I stock up on oils cause they are soo cheap. These come with detailed pamphelts on what they can cure and how to have it which is usuallt stirred in hot drink sweetened with honey

REAL Natural Honey

ALL Greens- chlorophyll is an odor neautralizer, so eat up at beginning and end of your meals. Find chlorophyll at your nearest pharmacy.

SEEDS: All seeds cut and splice microbes and obstructions in your digestive system so eat up, even the ones in your grape, lemon or any fruit, don't be scared!

GINGER/CINNAMON/CLOVE: a basic to Asian cuisine. I know a very old woman who has freshly grated ginger juice every morning on an empty stomach, she looks younger than her age, healthy, fit with no medical problems, stock on this!

Drumstick/moringa tree- every part of this tree is a cure for something, google it..

Hope this was helpful.

As we try and make our efforts, only God can truly and surely help us. Half of everything is faith in Him.
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Authored by: abouttogiveup on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 03:09 PM MST
Hey, are you still around? I just bought chlorophyll today. I hope it works. I have tried all the other products. Even when I asked for the chlorophyll today, the clerk covered her nose. I am sick of this sh*t literally. Anyhow, thanks for your note because I was feeling down and thinking there's not much to live for; and I have been dealing with bb for about 20 years.
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Authored by: Chaz on Monday, September 08 2014 @ 12:04 PM MDT
I've suffered with the same thing since elementary school. I had a smelly Yellowish coating on my tongue I got from drinking after friends. It too gave off a metallic taste in my mouth. I've tried every product under the sun to get rid of it. It's been years now, I'm in my 30's and it's completely wiped away as of August 2. 2014!! I don't have Tonsil Stones, Gerd, or anything like that. Most of which I think is a lot of medical excuses to keep big business in business. I know these things can and are real, but there can't possibly believe there are so many BB sufferers with stomach issues. Especially when many say they have a coating on their tongues. They tell you there's no cure for a smelly coated tongue. This is no longer the case. ANYONE with the same symptom I had, check out mintypooh com. If you know you're suffering from the same symptom I suffered from, that held me back from living life it's fullest. Do yourself a favor and check it out.. Worked for me.. Kids can be brutally honest about one's BB, and Adults tend to shun or avoid you all together. Sad but True!! Good Luck Everyone!!!!

Love you people, I am with you, JIMI STEIN