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Friday, October 14 2011 @ 04:45 PM MDT

Contributed by: bb28

I was struggling with bad breath, and I think I found the answer. The problem with me was that I could not tell if I had a bad breath, and it was always hard to find honest feedback, and I think it got mental too...

I thought I had candida at first, but that was not it. Then I thought it was acid reflux. I did have acid reflux too, but while trying to fix the bad breath problem, I also fixed the acid relfux. Because I am sure acid just made my breath so much worse. Finally I found out that I always have post nasal drip. Or I have lived with post nasal drip all my life, or since I was a kid. To me it was a normal activity. One day I started spiting without any reason and something was not right with my spit. Finally I went to a doctor and told him my symptoms, and he told me I have sinus problems. After a cat scan he found a maxillary cyst - left.

I figured because of the cyst, my sinus is trying to kill the unwanted cyst bacteria and stuff. So my sinus produce extra extra mucus in order to kill the cyst. But the cyst was immune to my natural strength. And the extra extra mucus was draining in my stomach, but the stomach does not like all that extra mucus, and through acid back to my throat.

So then I come back to America, and I see a doctor for the cyst. Thinking that if I get rid of the cyst, bad breath is cured. To cure the cyst I think I need good insurance for a operation. So the doctor here gave me some strong liquid antibiotic which cost me around $120 x 3, and I also owe them another $650 for my three appointments... anyways, how did I cure my bad breath problem? I was thinking how can I clean my sinuses like I brush my teeth, every day at least once a day, and possibly kills my cyst. One day I went to CVC and just by looking around I saw a neti pot. I bought a generic brand for like $17. The first time I used it I felt different. And I clean my sinuses with the neti pot every day. And there is no more acid reflux, there is no more tongue coating, and tongue scraping, or when I scrape my tongue with my teeth, there is nothing, and there is less phobia, less and less feeling of having bad breath.

hope this helps

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