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Welcome to Bad Breath Halitosis
Sunday, June 26 2016 @ 01:04 PM MDT

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How i improved my serious chronic bad breath

My StoryHello everyone, this my first post ever. I'm just going to get right to the point. I have foul breath and I have had it for as long as I can remember. Recently about a year ago, it was getting stronger and I started to notice it more. I started getting really bad anxiety and so I couldn't live my life anymore. I shut everyone out, I quit my job. I couldn't go out, even to the grocery store because I would get anxious knowing that my breath smelled very foul. You could smell my breath from 10 ft away. People made fun of me all the time. They covered their noses and of course backed away from me. Boyfriend broke up with me.

I tried everything, theta breath, grapefruit seed extract, zinc, chlorophyll , detoxes, acid reflux medicine, h.p medicine, sea salt, nettle tea, blisk12, probiotics, nothing was working

After 22 years of bad breath, my breath is not foul. My breath has been okay for a whole week now. I'm not positive that I have the cure and that my breath is fresh but I know it is at least OKAY. And honestly I'm extremely happy that it's at least okay now. It has only been a week so I will keep updating.

BREAKTHROUGH: I STOPPED EATING ALL TYPES OF MEAT, beans, fish, DAIRY, and anything that I felt would make my breath smell bad.

Also, make sure you poop everyday, if you don't, eat more fiber or take fiber pills like I do.

Lately I've been eating rice noodles, vegetables . It's hard because I love junk food BUT TRUST ME, it's worth giving up to live a somewhat normal life. PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY. After 3-5 days of eating this way and sticking to a strict diet, you will see results. You CANNOT cheat.

I lick the back of my wrist to smell now and I don't smell anything. When I was eating meat, my breath smelled sour. Also my brother said sometimes my breath smelled like fart. But now he says he doesn't smell anything.

Good luck everyone. Please give this a try for at least a week .
It'll be worth it

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What seems to have worked after 20 years

My StoryThis will be briefed

Diagnosed and treated for h pylori. H pylori gone but BB stayed. White cell count low like most people.

I've tried everything that everyone else here has. Zinc, Thera breath etc. Nothing worked.

Finally, I started keeping a journal. Noted everything I did and are and wether I got a reaction. Also, asked someone I trusted to smell breath periodically and let me know when they smelt something.

Between the journal and trying different things and the smell tests it realized that ginger tea helped a lot. Further investigation and analysis let me to this.

The bb was causes by post nasal drip (post nasal drip causes by allergies). Nose gets inflamed and mucus drips to the back of the throat. Bacteria react with the mucus and cause a bad smell. Solution was to avoid things that caused an allergic reaction and do things that help reduce mucus in the body. Lower the mucus production in the body by avoid triggers and taking proactive things to reduce it and bb goes down and tongue coating disappears. The tongue coating is just mucus being digested by bacteria. That's why you can get a tongue coating when you haven't even eaten. And that's why the tongue coating gets worse after eating. You are eating foods that cause your body to produce more mucus (milk, soy milk, processed foods). Look up "foods that cause mucus" and "mucus free diet. Follow the diet and the mucus will go down.

Now ginger helps your body digest better and reduces mucus production. Organic apply cider vinegar helps with mucus as well. Get a saline nasal spray and clear your sinuses when u are on the go. Netipot in morning and evening. Yes I know you know to do all these things but they didn't work. That's because you have to do ALL THESE THINGS. focus on lowering mucus production. Anything that causes more mucus you avoid. The mucus is the root cause. That's why netipot by itself helps. Or vitamin c by itself helps. Or not eating sugar or milk helps. We have all done tons of research and know what helps! But the thing is you have to do all the things that attack mucus. U can feel it in your throat and dripping down from your nose. It's falling right on the back of your tongues then sliming down.

One note. I tried Swanson blis k12. It made my tongue completely free of white but I still go reactions. I looked at the ingredients and it has milk compounds in it and milk causes mucus! I stopped taking it and all the probiotics I had and mucus reduces. Now I eat fresh foods, drink ginger tea, avoid all mucus forming foods, netipot and saline spray when I am on the go and things have improved a lot. I'm not ready to say cured yet :) will wait a bit but wanted to get this message out in case it helps someone.

So long story short is research mucus forming foods and avoid them. Then take steps things that reduce mucus. Make sure it's natural. Don't bother with mucinex and the likes. Worked for me 5 years ago but it stops being effective after a week. Focus on diet and natural solutions to attach mucus production in your body and get someone you trust to smell you and confirm (that goes a long way). And journal too. It helps you to see patterns for you own condition

Sorry for bad grammar and rambling. I'm in a rush but made myself come here in case it helped someone. Don't give up hope and keep praying to Jesus :)
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Three easy steps

My StoryThis is story of someone I know, he had bad breath for more than 15 years, and this how he got rid of it.

1 - deep cleaning: you need to go to dentist and ask for deep cleaning by name

2 - brushing: people with bad breath brush but they do not brush the correct way. the following is the youtube showing the correct way of brushing. brush this way every day for at least 10 min
3 - Water: always carry a bottle of water with you and drink continuously

if you follow these 3 steps your BB will go for ever
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Sht nose

My StoryI have always seemed to have bad breath since a young age and now I'm currently 17 bout to turn 18 and the smell comes out of my sinus passages aswell..I feel like I have tried everything..I've been to an ent and was prescribed many different types of antibiotics and steroids with no solution..I've also tried the nasal wash with baking soda and sea salt mixed with other things with no solution..i also feel like I have ibs and went to a gastro doc but all she sed was that I had halitosis and didn't help at all.. All of my doctors say they don't smell anything or say " it's all
In ur head". It makes me wonder if there is no cure?? I know the smell is there by people's reactions..they either make weird hard breathing noises or touch there nose constantly..would could be causing this feces smell out of my nose.. I'm also in high school and thank god this is my last problem started end of junior year..I'm basically a stink bomb in every class I sit in just by breathing.. I'm a handsome kid that tends to avoid people now..I feel bad when I know a girl likes me but all I do is ignore..I've heard people say it smells like poop or rotting foods..Im currently changing my diet and taking tons of digestive enzymes and different types of probiotics ATM..chlorophyll and activated charcoal didn't seem to help..I also think i suffer from acid reflux..which my ent said could be the source of my problem..i feel like I have surpassed my emotions to the point where Idc what people think or say anymore.. Which has helped me..I also have a job in the fast food and work in the grill so I'm pretty sure they couldn't fire me because i stink? I've been searching and reading peoples comments about similar problems and sed they had thoughts of committing suicide? Which made me think..the only thing that has really kept me going is god and the sport I love which is soccer..without it idk what god has it plan for me or the rest of my staying prayed up and soccer seems like the only things I have left..for my cure
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Life should smell good and not stink!!

My Storyhi. Im a female who is 17. I have been struggling with halitosis since I was 13. I have bad odors coming from out my nose and mouth.It smells like rotten food or what kids say- a** and farts.

It's hard to be a high school student and have kids spread mean rumors about you. I brush my teeth and floss twice a day. I stopped using mouthwashes and started to use baking soda and peroixide to rinse my mouth - which has little affect. I don't know why people can be so cruel. I don't have allergies or post nasal drip but, i do suffer from dry mouth. I am fatigued alot and very often I get depressed from non-social activity.

I tried cleaning my nose with an nasal spray called Afrin for three day. Guess what? It didn't work at all!!! So i know I dont have nasal drip. I do have a white fuzz on my tongue. when I'm in class , I have my mouth closed and breath through my nose. Kids would ignorantly joke and say that it smells like old cheese and a fart. The awful smell would consume the whole room. Also, I play sports and the girls talk behind my back and say I stink. I am very attractive but once the guys get a whiff of the stinch around me they back off. :(

I went to the doctor a few days ago and they said nothing was wrong with me. I went to the dentist a month ago and they said the same thing. Its soooo hard to function on the daily bases except when im at home. I just recently researched someone saying that their bad breath was cured by using grapefruit extract.Im going to try and buy the product today and hope it works. I know its a lot of writting but I need HELP!!!
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Please Help

My StoryI've tried everything. I've been told by Drs that there really is no cure, and I'm desperate. I first noticed I had this problem when I was 12-13 years old. I'm now 33 & have been living with this awful problem for TWENTY years. I brush my teeth/tongue/roof of my mouth 5-8 times a day, floss, use mouth wash, gum, mints.... you name it, i've tried it. On a scale of 1-10 my problem is an 11. Its worst in the morning (naturally) when I wake up & after rigorously going through round 1 of brushing & cleaning, the smell hasn't even been phased. So I brush & clean again.... 10 mins later, its back with a vengeance. I believe my main problem is a clear mucus created in my sinuses that is constantly pouring down the back of my throat onto my tongue, yes- i know its post nasal drip. I've had surgery to correct sinus problems, I irrigate my sinuses regularly.... and nothing helps. I rinse with hydrogen peroxide & it bubbles up SO much in my mouth from all the bacteria. I feel like its a combination of the clear consistent mucus my sinuses are producing & some sort of imbalance within the enzymes in my saliva. Of course the normal things that make it worse make it awful- sugar, alcohol, onions, etc. But the smell is that of hay fever, and its so bad I can smell my own breath. The taste of the inside of my mouth makes me so sick that I gag at times. It is SO persistent & I am literally at my whits end. Could it be my diet? I notice dairy makes me produce more mucus, so i've cut that out. But I wonder if there is something I'm eating that is causing a major allergy in my body that is causing this mucus production to occur. When I get a cold, the issue worsens 10 fold. The day to day mucus is always clear & when I begin my oral health regimen, the production increases. I know it is not a dental health issue as I've been to the dentist several times recently, and have confirmed that my teeth & gums are healthy. Another important fact- My mother suffers from the same thing. So I feel like I inherited it from her. And another really gross tid bit for you- i swallow so much of this hay fever smelling mucus that even my bowel movements smell like hay breath. Its so out of control & I don't know what to do. I fear that I might be really sick, as I know bad breath is a sign of a health issue, but after a recent physical, everything came back normal- no diabetes, nothing pointing to what may cause this. No mouth wash will cure this & mints dont even cover it up. I need medication to correct this allergy or imbalance in my body. Maybe i need to change my diet.... i just don't know. Its effected my social life & its causing me to have bouts of depression. If anyone else has these same symptoms & has experienced relief, I would love to hear from you. Literally, if I could be granted one wish in this life, it would be that this problem would just go away. I want to be able to just talk to someone face to face, or kiss someone without worrying about it. I young, attractive & its ruining my chances of a happy normal life. Please, I need help... I'm desperate.
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Much Better

My StoryI've read some the stories on here and can really relate. In the past 3 months, I've had somesuccess in dealing with my breath problems and wanted to share. I know how painful this problem can be and how difficult it can be to find the cause.

Short story: The problem appears to have been related to acid reflux from the stomach and a prescription from my doctor of Nexium in the morning and Prilosec at night has worked wonders.

About Me:
No Tonsils
Still have wisdom teeth

Long version:
While prone to morning breath since I was a kid, I started noticing reactions from people in my mid-20's. If I had a bottled soda or coffee, I would get people putting their hands up to the nose to cover the smell and looking like they wanted to vomit. One time, this happened when two people were clear across a large conference table. Needless to say, but things like talking to people on airplanes became impossible.

The only symptoms I could isolate were 1) the odor and 2) a white/yellowish discharge on the back of my tongue. This made it difficult to diagnose as I had not had problems with indigestion or sinus issues (beyond basic allergies).

I became very self-conscious about personal space and increased the distance between me and others when we talked. I would also often cover my mouth when talking to others. These awkward movements were certainly noticed by people and, in addition to the odor, negatively affected personal and business relationships.

I first mentioned this to the dentist and the only advice was to change mouthwashes. I mentioned this several times over the years, but never really got anywhere. In my case, oral treatment wasn't helpful in solving the problem. My mouth is healthy and I brush and floss regularly. Oddly, I never had a hygienist give any feedback on odor.

After seeing a general MD, I was referred to an EMT. Under his care and over several months I had a CAT scan and my tonsils removed. When we first met he had me breathe in his face and he exhibited the reaction that you would expect. The CAT scan came back without showing any sinus blockage. His exact words were, "I'm 95% sure it's the tonsils." I had them removed, but it didn't solve the problem. One side note: if you are considering having this done, it was a very easy and non-painful procedure. I had the surgery at 28.

After this there was a break in treatment for a couple of years. I switched jobs and the insurance coverage wasn't as good.

The next step I took was to see a gastroenterologist and he recommended a scope procedure to view my stomach and esophagus. His diagnosis was that while there was some indications of reflux, he didn't think it was enough to cause the problem. He did recommend taking a Prilosec before meals, but I didn't notice a real change.

Earlier this year, I needed to get a physical for life insurance and went to see a new Dr as I had moved. I mentioned that this was still a problem and he requested the results of the endoscopy from the specialist. His take was that while nothing was terribly wrong, it wasn't a "clean" result either so he put me on this current prescription.

The results have been noticeable. One of the tell-tale signs was a bad taste in my mouth late-afternoon. If I ran my finger on the back of my tongue and smelled it was horrible. That doesn't happen anymore. It's the first time in 8-10 years that I've seen a change in the right direction. I was at a convention speaking with people last week and didn't encounter any bad reactions. If you've been battling this - you know how good that felt.

This has been a long, expensive process, but for now there are good results. I know the frustration when a doctor or dentist says "I think it's in your head" when you have people asking if you've brushed your teeth or shoved breath mints in your hand. Good luck to everyone.

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My visit to GP

My StoryHello everyone,
Like MANY OF YOU guys I am also one of the bb sufferers that has joined to share my story with you.

I am 16 years old. Most importantly I also have BB, not like what people say it's fecal but it's quite like a very different smell.

well from beginning:
when I have once discovered that I had BB like 3 years ago or even more than that I didn't know since when it has officially hit. I thought that when I am walking down the road/street and bus and see my freinds have fun talking and enjoy their time, i always think that why me? like almost everywhere i have went people have fresh breath even those who does have illnesses. I AM ALWAYS THINKING WHY ON EARTH ME?????

My freind is so nice, and I have been together with her since primary and secondary and now we're going to college for another two years = total of 6 years. Until THEN whenever i speak to her she has not said that my breath smells ;my breath isn't so strong but it's quite in the top of middle like 8.

She also quite presses her lips together like u know when u have bad breath. But i don't get to talk to my freinds a lot becoz they kind of blank or u know what i mean. Now i am hoping to go college and i am scared because i went for my first day at college where i was totally freaked out to step into sixthform espcially when it is mixed - coz i went to girls only schl.

My first day was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

i sat right to the back of the room so no-one can speak or even ask quesion. lol i know i always get anti-social - ONLY COZ OF BB!

so when i sat to the back, i didn't realise that they were many students!! I was like:: Uh OHH!! damn shit!! then a gut later appeared and sat next to me..! as the teacher later put me into pairs with that GUY to do the survey in the given sheet like ask questions like getting-to-know each other sort of thing. then everything got doomed!

He: Hi
Me: hi
He: So what's ur name
He: I am Tom
later........ he rubbed his nose and then we finished

The thing is that with me i am quite good-looking with this bad breath!

So that was my first day at college with BB hell!!



So i booked an appointment to see the doctors and i said that i have very sore throat in the morning, sneezing ALL THE TIMEE!!!, burning between ears and throat area (i just woke up at 4.00am today with severe burns and sore throat), vary in mucus color like green, yellow, most of the time is clear.. MAINLY I ALWAYS GET MUCUS IN MY NOSE EVEN IF I HAVE CLEARED IT COMPLETELY ( I MEAN EVERY SINGLE DAY???!! MORNING I BLOW MY NOSE MY HANKY TOWEL JUST GETS DAMP WET! I USE ABOUT 5 TOWELS MORNING AND 2 IN THE DAY AND LOADS AT NIGHT.. miserable aint' it??
i just cannot go to sleep!!!!! when i lay down. reflux too burning chest etc

so the doctor before prescribed me nsal spary which done absolutley no shit to my excess mucus production in my nose. So now yh college in about a week dunno how i am gonna be??! GOD HELP ME!



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Cured My Bad Breath (mostly)

My StoryHey! As you may know ive been suffering from fecal breath for a while. Ive tried a tonne of cures which I posted on this site before, which helped a lot. But I have found a simple way to get rid of all the bacteria on my tongue. There is this bacteria milk drink called Yakult, I drink one little bottle a day and it seems to kill the bacteria on my tongue. I also have one inner health plus tablet a day and this also helps. I still have mild bad breath, very mild, but its not severe anymore which is great. Chewing gum masks the mild smell pretty well. I would really recommend trying these two products. I also use biotene dry mouth mouthwash by the way

If your suffering from fecal breath check out my other posts
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My StoryHey everybody, ive got a lot to say so this will be an essay lol. So, to begin with im a 16 year old kid and ive been suffering from fecal BB ever since I can remember, so I began to think of things that I have also been suffering from ever since I can remember.

These include (causes):

-Post Nasal drip
-Constantly clogged up sinuses
-Lactose intolerance
-A poor diet
-Tonsillitis, tonsil stones (only recently found out)
- Allergies
- Tongue bacteria

Tonsil stones (cure)

So, from these causes which I found out I did further investigating and found out the main one, for me, was post nasal drip and constantly clogged up sinuses, these caused mucus to be deposited in my tonsils and eventually smell like poo. These balls of mucus in my tonsils are yellow and smell disgusting. I assume this may be the reason why I also have yellow gunk on my tongue rather than white gunk sometimes. I poked my tonsils with my finger and smelled it. It was awful. So there we go, a source of the smell. (if you have fecal breath, then poke your tonsils and smell it and get nothing, dont worry, sometimes you cant smell your own breath and your tonsils are pretty hard to find). So, the only cure for this cause is to remove my tonsils, which I am bugging my parents to do for me. So this is how we cure the tonsilitis, tonsil stones cause.

Post nasal drip and clogged up sinuses (cure)

My doctor prescribed me a saline nose spray to use once a day to clear up my sinuses.The specific brand is Nasonex Mometasone Furoate, Aques nasal spray 0.05%. This cleared out my sinuses, and the removal of my tonsils will clear up the scraps of mucus left.

Allergies (cure)

I was allergic to cats and feathers, so all I started doing was avoiding cats and feathers lol. This pretty much eliminated the problem. Although, if it is bad i would get medication to protect you from the specific thing that causes your body to react, like I have a tablet that stops my allergies of cats for 8 hours or so. This also helped stop the post nasal drip, sinus mucus and hence tonsil stones.

Lactose intolerance (cure)

I was never really lactose intolerant, I would never vomit if I had dairy, but I did get a bit sick when I had too much. I realised that my body didnt like lactose, so it wasnt coping too well in the lower intestine. Because of this the smell of feces was released up into my mouth. Im not sure if this is true, but its what I hypothesise. So, I completely eliminated lactose from my diet, I dont even eat butter because it has lactose in it anymore.

diet (cure)

Before you skip this one, remember that a big cause of bad breath is the consumption of dairy products. If you stop eating dairy it may greatly reduce the strength of your bad breath. Anyway, I dont need to say too much about this one, I just ate healthy and didnt have any dairy.

Tongue bacteria

Hopefully, the irradication of all the previous issues will help eliminate tongue bacteria, but if it doesnt you may be suffering from candida. I find using hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash kills the bad bacteria in my mouth, I also brush my tongue with a tongue brush.

Ok, so if you use the previous cures to eliminate the causes you have, it should work. I would recommend checking the smell of your tonsils and thinking of any problems you have had with your body that began at a similar time when your bad breath did. The weirdest things can sometimes be the cause of fecal breath. Hope this helps guys

Me: So far it has helped, but not cured my BB, the reason being I have only been at it for a few days and i havent got my tonsils removed yet.

Love you people, I am with you, JIMI STEIN