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Welcome to Bad Breath Halitosis
Saturday, April 19 2014 @ 11:08 AM MDT

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Please Help, Im just a kid!

My StoryHey, im going to try and keep this short,
I am 16 years old and I have breath that literally smells like feces. Yes! Poo! People block their noses with their knuckles when I talk to them and I can barely look someone in the eye.

My life has just begun and its already ended, I need help. I cant talk to my parents about it and my life is a wreck :( I will never get a girlfriend, have a wife, kids, a good job. Someone, please im crying out! I dont want to live the rest of my life like this!
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neti pot

My StoryI was struggling with bad breath, and I think I found the answer. The problem with me was that I could not tell if I had a bad breath, and it was always hard to find honest feedback, and I think it got mental too...

I thought I had candida at first, but that was not it. Then I thought it was acid reflux. I did have acid reflux too, but while trying to fix the bad breath problem, I also fixed the acid relfux. Because I am sure acid just made my breath so much worse. Finally I found out that I always have post nasal drip. Or I have lived with post nasal drip all my life, or since I was a kid. To me it was a normal activity. One day I started spiting without any reason and something was not right with my spit. Finally I went to a doctor and told him my symptoms, and he told me I have sinus problems. After a cat scan he found a maxillary cyst - left.

I figured because of the cyst, my sinus is trying to kill the unwanted cyst bacteria and stuff. So my sinus produce extra extra mucus in order to kill the cyst. But the cyst was immune to my natural strength. And the extra extra mucus was draining in my stomach, but the stomach does not like all that extra mucus, and through acid back to my throat.

So then I come back to America, and I see a doctor for the cyst. Thinking that if I get rid of the cyst, bad breath is cured. To cure the cyst I think I need good insurance for a operation. So the doctor here gave me some strong liquid antibiotic which cost me around $120 x 3, and I also owe them another $650 for my three appointments... anyways, how did I cure my bad breath problem? I was thinking how can I clean my sinuses like I brush my teeth, every day at least once a day, and possibly kills my cyst. One day I went to CVC and just by looking around I saw a neti pot. I bought a generic brand for like $17. The first time I used it I felt different. And I clean my sinuses with the neti pot every day. And there is no more acid reflux, there is no more tongue coating, and tongue scraping, or when I scrape my tongue with my teeth, there is nothing, and there is less phobia, less and less feeling of having bad breath.

hope this helps
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my lonely life...

My StoryOk so let me start off by saying introducing my self.
my name is damian and i just hit 18 few days ago.I suffer from BB and i think i am depressed. When i was few years younger i didnt pay much atttention to girls and close relationships maybe thats why my bb didnt boder me so much. I went to dentist had check up everything Ok. I suffered from tonsil stones too,so i got my tonsil removed with a big hope of cureee. i suffered for 2 weeks in pain due my surgery...but common i meant to be cured for rest of my lifee=]....
Yeh yeh big one bulllsh#t...
I also suffer from PND for years i believe cos i had macus driping back my throat....
Can this cause BB ? I heard macus is being daigested by bacterias which are producing Bb, and it is possible that long term PNd could cause stomach reflux ?? Please help me , sometimes i feel like running away and never coming back..
I wanna have someone close to me someone to talk to.
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Only Cure for Halitosis

My StoryChronic severe halitosis can only be eliminated by Bentonite clay detox. All other things are bull.
1 tablespoon bentonite clay powder mixed with 200 grams of fresh apple juice before breakfast and same before bed. Diet should be high carb. 3-6 months and your evil halitosis is gone.
I myself suffered from chronic halitosis since I was 14, during 30 years. I've tried everything in the world, but nothing helped.
Bentonite detox is the only cure.
Trust me, try it, and mother nature will cure you.
You will be smell free.
God bless you and good luck.
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Today was a good day!

My StoryHello to whomever takes the time to read my story, today was a good day for me. I have suffered from cronic bad breath(@#$% breath) for about 12 years now and I work in a very loud factory so when you have to talk to someone you have to talk loud so they can hear you, this made it very uncomfortable for people to talk to me and to work beside me. Not to mention my social life is pretty much dead because of it....I tried all the mouth washes and all the gizmos and whatever but nothing worked. Then I read an article about really looking at what your eating, so I did and I found out I was consuming an enormous amount of dairy products. I started looking into what dairy products can do to some peoples breath and it wasn't good, so I thought I would cut that out of my diet completely. I mean I was having cream in my coffee, cheese on my breakfast sandwich, cheese on my sandwich at lunch, I would get home from work and have cheese and crackers etc. Not to mention all the milk I was drinking. It was damn hard but i gave it up on friday and I kept up my regular mouth cleanings floss etc. Over the weekend I noticed that the layer of filth was gone from my tongue and I barely had to scrape it at all. Then today I went to work and talked to a few people and I got positive response back, they're heads weren't trying to dodge my breath and I had a conversation with somebody for the first time in a long time. Just sayin it's like they say you are what you eat I guess.

Thank you forums
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Feeling suicidal, am i born with an abnormal tongue??!

My StoryI have suffered from halitosis for 2 years now and its lead me to feeling depressed and strongly considering suicide! The source of my bad breath comes from my tongue, i have a fixed furred coating with lots of nucks and cranies at the rear end of my tongue, which absorbs everyhting like a sponge and gives off a foul odor, i have tried everything from gargaling salt water scrpaing profusely with a tongue scraper, even using a razor to try and get rid of the furred texture (not a good i idea i know), ive tried most 'clinically proven products' - retardeX, therabreath etc and these only mask the odor for roughly 20minutes, chewing gum makes my breath smel worse!!.. i really don't know what to do, it has crippled my confidence and ruining my life, im 18 and its halting everything in my life , starting university, a part time job, socialising i want to plan a holiday this summer with friends but i dont think i could cope, has ANYONE got any advice , alls i get from docs and dentists is brush, floss use listerine (listerine has alcohol in which drys the mouth out) .. i feel i need to smooth out the surface of my tongue then the bad breath MAY subside , any thoughts im crying out for help here :(
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Fecal Breath

My StoryHello All,

I hope someone can help with my BB. Here is my story.

The first time I knew I had bad breath was when I was in 2nd grade. I lost a girlfriend because she told me I had bad breath. I used to wrestle around with my brother and he told one day that my breath smelled worse than my butt. I started using mints, gum ect... but always the same result. I became self conscious of it and tried my best not to talk directly in front of people.
I tried my best through high school and college. I have friends and a wife but I donít talk that much when I am around them. My wife asked me one morning if I had farted, all I did was say good morning. I knew what the problem was.

After I became older I tried various products from the internet without any luck. I have heard people say that my breath would knock a buzzard off a sh_t wagon. My co-workers stand in my doorway instead of coming in my office, when Iím on the phone they leave. After I say anything inside a car there is silence because they canít believe if I farted or its coming out of mouth.

I could go on and on. This is not just in my head, I can rub my finger across my toung - dry it in the air for a moment and then smell it. Yep same thing smells like fecal. Let me spare you the details of what I have tried all my life. But you must know a few things in order to help me if you can.

1. Dentist says my teeth and gums are healthy.
2. Went to a breath clinic, white coating on my toung, scrape every morning and night Ė still have poo breath.
3. Had tonsils removed at the age of 25.
4. Had sinuses surgery at the age of 18 for a blockage. I have large sinuous cavities and some post nasal drip.
5. Had an endoscopy done when I was 30, doctor did not find anything but a hiatal hernia, took meds for about a year, still have poo breath.

I could write a book on what I have tried. I came across this site and read about Candida. I have to question whether or not my doctor knew what he was looking for when I had the endoscopy done because I still have poo breath.

I am now 47 and my poo breath seems to be getting worse if that is possible. I use a mask in the late fall when I cut the grass and I can smell my own breath, its nasty poo breath. I know all about it, the body will not allow you to smell your own breath. Well mine is so bad that I notice it.

Do you know what it feels like to read a book to your children and watch them pull the sheets up to their nose?

I have never found a Doctor that I can talk with on the subject, that understands what to look for or how to find the problem. Canít someone take samples of saliva or tissues and tell me the origin?

Thatís all for now. You can ask me questions if you want; Iím open for just about anything at this point in my life.

Regards, Clint
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hae gys

My Storyhi im 13 in year 8 and im going to high school next year my BB started about 3 months ago, its killing me, the things i use to enjoy, i just don't do anymore and hide at home. you can smell it from at least 60ft away. i hate going to school because i stink up the entire classs and when we have school assembllys i stunk up the entire room i feel so bad, i almost cryed after that, we have them every wednesday i always try ands fake sick on those days so i don't hae to go to school. its so sad i hae no life, im thinking about moving over seas to go to my mums, my mums really rich so she wil hire someone to tuter me but i won't have any friends. Every1 at my school hates me i only have a few friends, they are really nice but las year something really big happened y best friend(one of the most popular girls at school) turned on my told all my frends i hate them and stuff im not saying those friends arn't good enough for me or anything jus its a big change for me i've been dealing wth the teasing and rumers bt now i have BB it will be even worse for me i am really depresed. i don't talk much now i used to be a really bubbly person but just so many things have changed and now comes high school, i don't think i will get through with out huring myself i feel so alone. anyone have some advice for having chronical BB in high school. i can;t even think how i'm gonna get through life, dating, work, those kinda things.
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true cure after 17 years

My StoryI have suffered with bad breath for 17 years. buying products is not a cure. a true cure i consider to be when you have good normal breath without buying anything. I stopped having dairy for a month and its cured!!!!!!!!!!!! In south africa you can buy a lactase pill that allows you to eat it and then eat dairy as it gives you a digestive enzyme temporarily so sometimes i can still enjoy a dairy treat if i chew this pill. No dairy is the cure!!!!!!! fresh breath every day!!! I am in heaven!!!!! be aware that there is lactose in lots of products so read labels carefully. thanks to this website for the idea that led to my cure.
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something is working

My StoryI am a new member but have been reading the posts for a long time. I have suffered bb since I was 21 since I had a tooth apesectomy operation in fact! I am now 38. Its been very depressing and I have had many comments that hurt.there is an antibiotic that completelt took bb away but once you stop using it its back. i tried retardex to no avail. Profresh however has been working miracles. Please try it. u must start with the double dose of liquids that you add and it tastes putrid. follow the instructions to the letter. i do it on waking and last thing at nite. I am not a spammer jimi cos I live in africa and believe me there is no profresh here. I ordered it on internet. It works and I feel fantastic.
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