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Random offensive odour

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:04 am
by DanielPine
This is such a weird problem. I will be able to sit in classes at college, pass job interviews, be intimate with girls etc without a problem. However, every 2 months or so I will have someone around me say "did you fart", "did you ****", "it smells like **** in here", "something smells". I will try to smell it too, but I can never smell anything.

I'm completely at a loss, I'm trying to figure out what this problem is, and why it is happening.

I also believe the possibility that it could be a psychological problem, and I am overthinking what these people are saying. I have a history of OCD and obsessive thoughts, so it is plausible.

Re: Random offensive odour

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:55 pm
by Sadface
This is exactly what I deal with. It's so frustrating because it's harder to pinpoint what the source or cause is. Sometimes I wonder if it comes from my throat. When you swallow, do you sometimes have a faint bad taste in your throat? That's something I've noticed lately, and it's only sometimes.
I doubted these comments were even about me until one night it happened twice and I was sure it was me. I couldn't smell my own breath but once I stuck my finger as far back as I could on my tongue, my finger smelled terrible. (I know it's disgusting.)
But now that I've taken to tongue brushing and gargling I don't find the smell on the back of my tongue as easily. There's usually some sort of smell but it isn't a nasty putrid smell. And I've still heard comments even after taking up extreme dental hygiene habits.
Maybe you have post nasal drip in your throat like I think I do. Do you notice a lot of mucous and threat clearing?
I've also noticed when I'm nervous or my mouth is dry (beer and wine make it worse) I seem to get comments.
I also have impacted wisdom teeth which smell if you rub them but I don't know if the smell is strong enough to come out onto my breath.