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Mental health

Everything related with bad breath can be found here. Everything about products, research, news about bad breath......
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Mental health

Postby Justanotherguy » Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:26 am

hey guys it is my second post here, i would just like to let you know that if you are dealing with this you MUST no matter how painful or awkward tell someone your issue and sit them down and be 100% honest with them about how you are feeling, this can be a friend a family member or a paid professorial like a doctor so you can get the support you need. the worst part of bad breath is the mental state it puts you in and most people with it would chop off a leg or give all there wealth away to solve it. most already have given bad breath there social life, mental state and wallet

i am currently in a good mental state but this has allowed me to be able to reflect on how much it has been messing with my head. ( i am in a good mental state as i truly believe i know how to get ride of my bad breath or suppress it. if i solve it i will report back on my old post or make a new one)

I wanna also let you guys know that your breath is most likely not as bad as you think, people who have bad bo always think it is worst then it really is, people who are ugly always think they look a lot worst then they really do, people who are fat always think they are a lot bigger than they really are it is natural to think like this and you have also most likely fallen victim to an OCD mind. i sure did, i slowly over a month convinced my self that my breath could fill up a room... then i asked a few friends and my mum and did a few test and realised i definitely could not fill a room, my breath probs smells if i talk directly too someone up close but that is it.

I would also like to add that no matter what people say you can cure bad breath it may just take some time,normal breath smells good meaning something must be effecting yours for it to smell funky its all about finding the source and eliminating it. trust me once you are cured you will come at the other end a much better person then if you never went through this hell.

Lets f**cking get curing lads we can do it, if u wanna talk to me on discord Private message me on this your name and i will add you and i will find the time to talk, i am 17 male brit and easy to talk to so hit me up


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