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Stop pushing love away, I almost did and am glad I didn't.

Tell us what happened to you today. It can be sad or happy thing.
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Stop pushing love away, I almost did and am glad I didn't.

Postby ihatemylife787 » Thu May 18, 2017 6:30 am

To sum up, I was in a long distance relationship for 4 1/2 years. I was so nervous to meet him. So I would spend my money binging on food instead of buying a plane ticket and following a low sugar gluten free diet (that helps my bad breath, but my sugar addiction is real!).

I was getting closer to seeing him. So I decided rather than pretend I'm normal and stress out with this secret, I'd tell him. So I did and he understood. He said he loved me anyways. I had been hiding this for so long. It's so embarrassing and truly strips you of your dignity, but he understands me. I used to think about pushing him away and living life alone and am so glad I opted to just tell him instead. It's embarrassing but he loves me. I'm willing to take being embarrassed and loved vs. being miserable and alone.

I've read so many stories on here about people pushing their lovers away because of halitosis, and regretting it.

Even though there are horror stories of people leaving their S/O's because of bad breath, there are horror stories of people leaving their S/O's because they just get bored. There are risks but sometimes you never know.

We've lived together for 2 years and he still loves me. I was watching a documentary about someone with TMAU and her husband still loved her. They'd been married for quite some time as well. Love is out there, please don't blame yourself. Don't confess it with embarrassment as though you collect toenails in jars as a hobby, but confess it with self forgiveness and love as halitosis is a health condition and you are not alone or disgusting. You are just dealing with something very difficult in the best way that you can, and you've grown to be more empathetic towards people with odors and you've grown to be more resilient and strong than you ever thought you could be, even if you think you're weak. You're still here and love is still possible. For the love of god please don't push it away. You'd be surprised at how understanding some people can be. You'll regain faith in humans again. All the taunts and reactions will seem so meaningless when you finally let someone in who says "I love you regardless". Sending love.

This is just a cautionary tale to people who have pushed others away. I've seen posts saying things like "he didn't even notice but I was still so embarrassed and broke up with him for some made up reason" for the love of god do not do something like that because there are people who would kill to be in your shoes. Love yourself and forgive yourself because you have absolutely nothing to do with this.

To all the people who have been rejected or who are still lonely: I was there too. There's a person underneath your illness and there are lots of loving people who are willing to understand. Web dating saved my life.

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Re: Stop pushing love away, I almost did and am glad I didn't.

Postby Johnv713 » Sat May 20, 2017 5:22 am

Love, ha! Do such things really exist? If you belive it does ( not saying it doesnt, just very rarely) then i have a beach front property id like to sell you in Idaho :)


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