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Products for healthy skin

Here you can talk about body odour and othere related things
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Products for healthy skin

Postby knowbuddy » Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:45 am

Hi all I just wanted to suggest some products. Please use at your own risk and always do a spot test to test for allergies first. I am not affiliated with any company.

Korea Italy towel
I used to use loofahs in the shower but converted to a Korea Italy towel. They are made of viscose and come in four colours each indicating a different strength. They are the absolute best to fully exfoliate and daily use keeps skin soft. I get them for around .50 cents to a dollar each off of eBay or go to an Asian market and they should be there.
Pink - soft
Yellow- soft and normal
Green - normal
Blue - intensity
They can be laundered in a washing machine or by hand, don't use bleach. They can be dried either in the dryer or by air drying.

2. Avoid bar soaps, body washes and shampoos that contain sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. These chemicals strip moisture from your hair and skin and cause a lot of other problems. Instead you may want to try castille soaps from Dr. Bronner or the cheaper versions by Dr. Wood. An even cheaper version is to buy liquid castille soap from New Directions Aromatics. Castille soap is very mild on the skin and is safe for sensitive skin or those who have issues like eczema. It can be diluted 1:1 with water so it lasts a long time. It lathers beautifully thus you don't need a lot. You can either add your own scent to it from that same online store or leave it plain. Alternatively you can make your own bar or liquid soap which would cost you mere pennies.

3. Launder and change your pillowcases, bedding and towels often
Body oils, dirt we pick up during the day, dust mites etc. all collect and can contribute to acne, itchy skin and body odour. Laundering with washing soda as well as a good detergent at the correct temperature will get things cleaner and remove germs.

4.Boric acid (the kind you get from the chemist to clean cuts and bruises)
This is a dirt cheap powder that is great to kill bad bacteria on feet, under breasts, on scalp etc. Also when it's put inside empty capsules it can clear up yeast infections. DO NOT EAT!

5. Try moisturizing with oils such as avocado, castor, coconut or trying cocoa, shea or other natural butters. Coconut oil is dirt cheap at any ethnic section of the supermarket or in ethnic stores.

6. I've never used their products but they carry a line of aluminum free deodorants and other products

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