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im cured , praise God

Here you can pray for yourself, for others, to Jesus, Alah, Jahve, Krishna, Buda etc
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Re: Jiva shakti

Postby yoga » Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:41 am

To be able to control, both, the past memory, so also the present incitation of senses, which causes hindrance for the steadiness of meditation, is the important thing in the practice of meditation. If so, by means of giving, "functional break", to the brain, which hides memory, there will not be interruption of memory, for meditation.In the matter of meditation, mind, by itself, does not do that function. By means of 'Self', to practice, the macro state of mind, to micro (subtle) state, is the first thing, which has to be done in the practice of meditation. For that, body, its Life Force, JIva-Shakti, senses, brain – with the cooperation, combination of all these... "Self" has to perform meditation.
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