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how my religion helps me

Here you can pray for yourself, for others, to Jesus, Alah, Jahve, Krishna, Buda etc
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how my religion helps me

Postby firebreath » Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:20 pm

hi, i am a muslim,no that kind of terrorist nonsense you see on CNN or any other news programme but a REAL muslim.I am not going to rant on my beliefs but for me it really helps.

As a human i am no accident of nature i was created by a creator , he knew what i would look like and more to the point what i would smell like - i am being tested daily to see how I would react to others in the way they react to the smell from my mouth.The winner is not the one who is depressed by some a**hole putting his hands over his face etc. BUT the one who can take it all and still remain sane.

How long will i live for - max 80 or 90 years each day I am accruing all these blessings....great.

yup, it can be hard but there is life before & after bad breath


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