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antihistamine and tongue scraping

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antihistamine and tongue scraping

Postby pagmic2 » Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:53 pm

I'd gone off claritin for a long time because I thought it was reducing my salivary flow enough to cause bad breath from that. But now I'm back on it and it's making a significant difference in my breath by reducing the post nasal drip which was coating the back of my tongue and sides of my throat with bacteria all day long. The claritin plus semi-rigorous brushing of my tongue has made a real difference, especially when combined with sinus rinsing. I read that eating fast food more than twice a week has been shown to correlate with way higher incidence of allergies and asthma, not to mention the acidic mouth environment it leads to, which causes bad breath. The claritin isn't affecting my salivary flow much, but my salivary flow is at the low end of normal, maybe because of my rheumatoid arthritis and/or Crohn's disease. I look forward to my new spiritual bodies for eternity for those who forsake everything for Jesus and the Bible. No post nasal drip, and clean fresh breath. Jesus had pristine breath because in the book of John he appears amongst the disciples after resurrecting and breaths on their faces. -Mike


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