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Anyone tried EvoraPlus probiotics?

Do you have any quesions about bad breath?
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Anyone tried EvoraPlus probiotics?

Postby jo317 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:54 pm

I recently had my wisdom teeth removed, and had to take a course of antibiotics because of that. Its highly probably that antibiotics were what contributed to my bb in the first place, so I'm worried that even if taking my teeth out would help improve it, the antibiotics will still make it worse. Regardless, my wisdom teeth DID smell when I touched the gums near them, but it definitely wasn't the only problem. I need to repopulate my mouth with good bacteria! Saw that Evoraplus had helped some people with unhealthy gums and bb, but lets be honest the people posting those reviews are probably talking about the occasional coffee or morning breath. Has anyone tried this particular brand?

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