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Tried Everything Nasal Surgery/Tonsillectomy/Wisdom Teeth removel, nothing works

Tell us your story with bad breath
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Tried Everything Nasal Surgery/Tonsillectomy/Wisdom Teeth removel, nothing works

Postby Randomx123 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:04 am

Hi Just wanted to tell you what i've done and nothing worked for me.

I had BB since i was like 10 as I remember i could taste it, ever since, it's gotten worse, I have nasal BB aswell. Chewing gum does nothing for me as people still cough when I talk.

I've tried Tonsillectomy 5 years ago hoping it would cure me but it did NOTHING,
I then got Nasal Surgery and Adenoidectomy Removed, my nasal Surgery was to remove some Polyps and my surgery was Nasal FESS and Fixing a Deviated Septum which the doctor said was very minor. Nothing worked.

I then got all my wisdom teeth removed a few months ago and didn't make a difference.

I've tried everything you can possibly think of such as taking Oregano Oil, Daily nasal rinses with different stuff like salt, oil of oregano, cocnut oil, taking stuff for stomach acid, rinsing with diluted peroxide chlorine, taking zinc supplements etc.

I don't know whats wrong, I always felt it was coming from my right side of my throat/nasal area as I can sometimes taste it from there. I know i have BB because I can taste it and smell it myself. Also when I lick my wrist, i smell a vinegary/bad smell.

I brush my teeth and my BB returns immediately so yeah. I also haven't drank milk for years, I don't have h pylori as i've been tested and it came out negative. Basically tried everything you can imagine and none of it worked.

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Re: Tried Everything Nasal Surgery/Tonsillectomy/Wisdom Teeth removel, nothing works

Postby Hugo » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:23 pm

Hi dude. I'm in the same boat mate. Have you tried Nasal steroid sprays to reduce amount of Post nasal Drip? It's not a cure but gives me about 10/20% relief.
Only thing my ENT said was I have an extremely sensitive nose. Literally anything will trigger excess nasal secretion. We've been dealt a shit hand pal. In the meantime we need to find ways of masking the problem.
Sorry for not being much help. Just know there are others going through exactly what you're going through.

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Re: Tried Everything Nasal Surgery/Tonsillectomy/Wisdom Teeth removel, nothing works

Postby badbreathhalitosis » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:18 pm

Hi there,

you may want to go on facebook and join the laryngopharangeal reflux group.
LPR can cause bad breath. This happens when pepsin goes up into the back of the throat
and into the nasal cavity. The pepsin is activated by an acidic environment. For example,
acid producing bacteria can activate pepsin after you eat sugary foods. Also, acidic foods such
as tomatoes can activate pepsin. Some people have elevated their beds to prevent reflux,
avoid citric fruits and supplements, eat more alkaline foods, gurgle with warm water and baking soda
before spitting, eliminate coffee, caffeine, soda, chocolate, eliminate all wheat products, and dairy.

The pepsin destroys cells and that can produce an odor. Also, bacteria can eat those cells and produce an odor. Also,
when food goes up to your throat, that can produce an odor.

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