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We will be powerful beyond measure?

Other things not directly related to bad breath
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We will be powerful beyond measure?

Postby curebringer » Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:46 pm

Feeling that I might be reaching the end of my BB nightmare, I thought I should write on the spiritual aspect of this painful experience. Imagine this: No one has been through as much hardship as people with chronic BB and BO problems. The truly sick people, those in wheelchairs etc. at least get some sympathy from society and are given a break when it comes to the usual social duties, but due to BB being a silent disease we are looked upon as if our ailment is our own fault, and are therefore ridiculed. Once we get rid of these problems, can you imagine how much more resilience and perseverance we will have in comparison with other people who went through life feeling completely normal?

Even the most common jobs, duties and pleasures that people take for granted we'll be able to derive pleasure from. Therefore we become less needy. And at the same time the usual embarassments and pain that make other people shiver is something we deal with on everyday basis and have almost become indifferent to. In the same way, when simple hardships come to these people, they will have much harder time dealing with them. But we are like veterans hardened by hundreds of battles. Like it or not, this condition has changed our lives and our personality traits. It's made us more aware of ourselves, made us question life and the meaning of true suffering. Now we realize how irrelevant and silly are most things that people argue about and identify with. We see that everyone is prone to suffering, and therefore have a greater capacity for compassion. We have a head start in attaining wisdom, spiritual growth. "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger" can be rightfully applied to us. I think we could compare this with what has made Jews as a racial group so successful - the hardships they had to put up with throughout history. That is why today they're statistically so much more successful than other people who had a normal collective history.

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