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Much longer lasting freshness

Other things not directly related to bad breath
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Much longer lasting freshness

Postby pagmic2 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:34 pm

You have to use your thumbs to squeeze the post nasal drip and associated bacteria out of the back of the nasal cavity and out from behind the posterior faucial pillars. Push upwards and backwards near the uvula to expunge the post nasal drip that sits in the back of the floor of the nasal cavity contaminating the throat and tongue, and push along the full height of the posterior faucial pillars on each side of the throat to expunge post nasal drip bacteria that have slid down from the nasal cavity and reside on the sides of the throat. Basically there's a nasal cavity shelf that serves both as the roof and pillars of the mouth AND as the floor of the nose. The post nasal drip is festering bacteria up on top of that shelf and down the sides behind the faucial pillars. If you have tonsil crypts, then those are being contaminated by this shelf of post nasal drip as well. I had my tonsils out, and it helped a lot, but it didn't fix the problem because they weren't the primary origin of the problem...they were just making it worse. And when you gargle, gargle with your head tilted to each side till you can feel it cleaning behind the posterior faucial pillars. Thanks be to Christ Who cleanses all our uncleanness when the time is right, and Who cleanses the believing soul, Mike

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