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Interesting post on leaky gut, L glutamine, Chiropactor

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Jimi Stein
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Interesting post on leaky gut, L glutamine, Chiropactor

Postby Jimi Stein » Sun Mar 23, 2008 12:25 am

Found this post on curezone

Has anybody tried L glutamine for leaky gut, and hiatal hernia can be fixed by chirapractors!!!!!!

I had been experiencing a lot of digestive problems and went to a nutritionist. she referred be to a chiropractor she had never met but heared amazing things about
so I go to this chiropractor and in telling her my symptoms she tells me 'i can guarantee you have a hiatial hernia'
i lay on the table and she feels my chest cavity area.
she tells me to take a deep breath, sticks her fingers down toward the left side of my chest cavity|(away from the liver|) and while i breath out she slides it down

i could tell an immidiet difference
i had no idea i was breathing so shallowly until this was put back into place
because it had been there a while i did develope leaky gut, but she put me on an l-glutamine and stomach healign pill plan for a month. then shes going to recheck my leaky gut status. she says because of the leaky gut is why i have candida suddenly, and suspects parasites as well of course, but when you heal leaky gut a lot of that cleans itself up on its own |(these things cant thrive in huge numbers in a healthy environment|) but of course i can take a few things to expediate the process if i'd like

since this appointment (two days ago|) i have had such amazing improvment in digestion, anxiety (hiatial hernias cause anxiety and nervousness too !|) energy |(i can breath better!)
i just cant get over how simple healing all seems now

she also taught me to do this on myself. granted if its waaay up there its easier to have a professional do it the first time, but after that you can make sure it doesn't slowly happen again!

my conclusion, first off if you're feelign in bad shape, if detoxing doesnt seem to be keepign everything in ship shap for more than a period at a time, you may have a hiatial hernia or leaky gut. basically, you need to find out the source of what you have
i realize everyones different, but if you have the same symptoms as me i urge you to seek out a good chiropractor. keep in mind not all the chiropractors do this. she does a lot of kinesteology muscle testing and sells natural products. your usual 5 minute pop your back and see ya later chiro probably doesnt do this, so call and ask before you make an appoinment or you may be dissapointed.
good luck|!

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Postby Bloorain » Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:32 pm

Jimmi - I wonder if she had bad breath orproblems breathing? Its interesting you post this because I traveled to South Carolina this weekend for a graduation and ran into an ex who I remember had really bad breath problems. He told me he had these hernia's twice but I spoke with him for an hour this weekend and there was no odor at all. I didn't have the heart to ask him if that's what was causing his problems and he never talked about the bad breath when we dated so your post makes me wonder now.

Thanks for post!

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Postby greenman » Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:07 pm

Jimi can you go more into the self massage please. here's a good link ^^


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