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Jobs in NYC

This is the forum where users can exchange skills, hire, i work for somebody. Just post your job for users of this forum
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Jobs in NYC

Postby letsgetcured » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:28 am

So as you all may know, working with our condition is probably the most difficult and challenging thing to do as an adult. It's not like any other situation where you can just leave when you get too uncomfortable or embarrassed. You have to deal with it for 8+ hours a day. It's like every job requires some sort of daily interaction with people one way or another. I had a few admin jobs here and there but I've been out of a job since November and I''m actually on my last $1k. I have become very aggressive with going to doctors lately so that I can say more than one sentence or two before an interviewer rubs their nose and looks at me like wondering how a smell like that can come from me. Okay okay..some interviews went pretty well with absolutely no nose rubs at all but that was probably about 5 out of 15 and those were when I did the least amount of talking.

I was wondering what jobs you do and if anybody is in a position of hiring an admin or assistant in the NYC area. I know some of you say I should pursue programming. I'm actually not that interested and even if I was, that's not something I can just dive right into. It would takes months to a year to learn and, as I've mentioned earlier, I'm on my last $1k. Any help is appreciated ! Thanks guys :)

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