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Everything related with bad breath can be found here. Everything about products, research, news about bad breath......
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Postby Renato » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:41 am

Ok. Im here again.

I was diagnosed with SIBO almost a year ago.

I was under antibiotics, and as always, it helped just during the time I took it.

Then I got confused as Jimmy in this site.

I focused on my PND these last 6 months, because I truly believed that the cause of my BB was my nose and not my stomach.

I visited two ENT doctors who ordered CT scans (both of them).One of the Drs. was the American-Asian Dr, recommended in this site located in Virginia. They were skeptic that the cause of my BB was my sinuses.
The CT scans were normal and they suspected of silent reflux, which I know I do not have (confirmed by multiple Gastroent docs.)

At that time I still believed that my BB and PND was coming from my sinus, so I visited the dentist again (million of times) and asked to remove my 4 wisdom theeth no matter what. This happened just the last month.

Nothing change, BB as the same level.

Well, focusing in SIBO again. I was tested for food allergy and they found high antibodies titers against eggs, milk, wheat.

Middle titers to corn and potato.

No titers to rice, oat and meat.

Ironically, my PND is at the highest when eating eggs and wheat ((I do not consume milk), so my BB is also high at this time.

When eating meat(not greasy) and rice, my PND is reduced, so my BB.

I also noticed that when drinking coffe and a wheat-based bread my PND is high, but when having coffe and a oat-based bread my PND is low.

Im also fructose, sorbitol and lactose intolerant. Tonsils removed years ago. Nose septum surgery years ago. (nothing help).

I do not have gastritis or acid reflux.

The odor in my nose is like dirty socks as somebody described here. and it is more accentuated when having food rich in the allergy foods I mentioned, so I actually believe Im exaling gases from my stomach, which travels form blood and eliminated through the lungs. This gases in blood trigger PND in any tissue or mucosa.

Rinsing with saline does not stop the mucus dripping-feeling in my throat, even anti-histamines or other steroids applied in my nose do nothing, but over drying my nose but not the throat. SO that suggested me that glands in throat or lungs are the source of this mucus after this is triggered, for what I believe, some food.

My strong BB comes from my mouth and throat because the putrefying mucous in esophagus and throat.

My next plan:

I have an appointment with a Lung doctor in two weeks to discard this possibility.

Odor from sinus in my case has to come from throat and/ or lungs. But of course PND is the main player in my BB.

I'm a Scientist, so I'm determined to find the cure or treatment someday.

I will be back when something new is found out.


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