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Glycerin USP for White Coated Tounge.

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Glycerin USP for White Coated Tounge.

Postby Free2breath911 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:26 am

well I was just reading a thread on another site, and the people there were talking about Vegitable Glycerin and Pure Glycerin USP. (5.00 local pharmacy)

So of course me and BB tried it....( I already had some pure glycerin that I use for makeup mixing). about 5 drops onto my toothbrush after brushing regular.....and nothing. then about 15 seconds later my tounge began to turn very pink. hmmm? wow! ok.

now about 20 minutes later.....still very pink. But this is the same feeling I have after using sea salt. Tounge is nice and pink for a hour or so then the bacteria kick back in.

anyway just though I was share this really quick. If you want to can find the Pure Glycerin USP at CVS. or Im sure any local pharmacy has it. Its used for many things mainly as a skin protector, and in alot of soaps, and makeup. But the taste is not bad actually really sweet. :roll:


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